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  1. tony h

    Need Help in UK

    Hi Mark The FGT speciallists in UK are Mountune - ex Roush. They perpared all the 101 cars for Europe. Dave Jones is the man there and his number is UK 01277 226666 thats +44 1277226666 from US. Full address detail below. I live in central UK but hope this helps. Regards - Tony h Mountune...
  2. tony h

    Which radar detector?

    Take a look at Stinger DSi. I had one fit to my car - the card version. Benefit is that if stopped, the credit card size module can be withdrawn, held in a certain way and all the jamming software is removed! This means that any tests can be done and in theory you should be safe. Once back...
  3. tony h

    Wireless radar detector opinion?

    Take a look at Stinger DSi. I have this fit to my GT - the card version I might add. I had a rear view monitor and the card systen fit in leiu of the radio/cd. Never listened to music as engine note is best music of all. Looking to hook MP3 player just in case want to listen to music when...
  4. tony h

    hello gt friends from blighty

    Hi If there are any get togethers in UK, would love to know. Have comunicated with Steve and its good that we have a small gathering of cars in the North of England. Steve doesnt live that far from me and it would be good to have a day out showing the cars off.:biggrin There is another guy...
  5. tony h

    Fuel filler problems - can it be by passed?

    Hi Wondered if anyone out there knows if the system can be completely by passed? Every now and then my car will stall at lights and I know that this is the emmissions system that is linked to the fillwer neck that causes the car to shut down. As I live in UK, this is not really a problem...
  6. tony h

    I wrecked the GT

    Glad to hear you are ok - testimony to how strong these cars really are. Surprised that the ins co wants £60k. We wrote a black 600RE off (4 weeks old and 500 mls on clock) and I know that it was bought as a write off for £13K. If you want to send me a PM maybe we can figure out a way to buy...
  7. tony h

    Happy B-Day Mr. Shadowman

    Hi Bill - hopefully you will see this. Many happy returns - returns being the operative word. :confused I hope that it will be soon. Tony h
  8. tony h

    more than you can afford, pal... ford!

    When I first got my car, one of my mates dads asked why I had put Ford badges on a Ferrari and was I takin the piss? :rofl He is about 60 years old and a mechanic....looks like he spent his life either on the wacky backy or with his head up his ar** Was at an event and a young lad also asked...
  9. tony h

    hello / new in the forum

    I just bought a snow machine....can I have the contact number of the car cleaning babes please :lol:lol:lol:lol
  10. tony h

    Is a Heritage worth it?

    I have a really simple view on this - a Heritage is the same car but a different colour scheme? Why therefore are they so much more than the cost of a professional colour change? My car is red but with a few thousand $ could easily transform to a Heritage...... I said that my view was simple...
  11. tony h

    OEM tyres

    Sorry not replied sooner, seem to be spending more time away from home these days....:frown I fit 345/35-19 to the rear - the car sits well and you would never guess that they are not OEM. The tyres fit the arches better than stock in my opinion and makes the car look menacing from the rear...
  12. tony h

    OEM tyres

    Many thanks for reply. Goodyear may very well not have the Ford GT on priority list, that said I have to say that its a bit of a low down trick to play. Hopefully Goodyear will see the light and play ball in the near future. There was me thinkin that I had an excellent deal on the...
  13. tony h

    OEM tyres

    I had ordered 4 rear tyres from Kwik Fit several months ago and said that I would update when I had received them. Today I had a call from Kwik Fit who said that they are going to refund the payment that I have made as Goodyear will not be making any more tyres of this size. :confused I was...
  14. tony h

    New car ahead of schedule

    I used to work with a guy who was a senior engineer and his name was Richard Semen - he was known as Dick to his friends :banana :lol :banana BTW this is actually true, think I still have his business card somewhere!! Didnt they have to find a surname of Focker so that they could make the...
  15. tony h

    New car ahead of schedule

    When you post threads like this they are flame magnets and I would not be too surprised if you get negative criticism. :thumbsdow Its not often that I will side with anyone but I agree 100% with DBK, sell the car if you are not happy. Yes, the GT's have their faults but take it from me, I have...
  16. tony h

    back up camera

    Hi Please can you let me know where I can purchase a reverse camera from? Would like to get my car all sorted and ready for next year. Thanks Tony h
  17. tony h

    Transmission 1-2 Shift Grind

    The GTR gearbox is fraught with problems. They have been known to fail and they are not as good as the hype suggests. I sold my UK 2009 because I just got fed up with it. Put it into reverse when cold and nothing, nothing, nothing then thump, its engaged...same when going into first when cold...
  18. tony h

    Transmission 1-2 Shift Grind

    Hi Tim I hear what you are sayin....I dont have a short shift on my GT - just wonderin if this is more of a problem for those that do?? THose Ferrari boxes can be a bitch until warm I agree... Tony h
  19. tony h

    General tips for new owners

    Great advice listed.... Two things in addition from me: 1. be careful when changing into right hand lane - visability poor and quite a large blind spot as a result 2. more importantly you will always feel good about yourself having realised a childhood ambition of owning a GT. For that added...