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  1. spddmnjay

    FGT parts for sale in Canada

    Sold my FGT and have some aftermarket parts that I never installed – brand new in box. Note these parts are located in Alberta, Canada. • SOLD - Innovators West 10% Overdrive damper (part #825) • SOLD - Accufab throttle body (part #GT75) • SOLD - Accufab rear axle bolt fix (part #GTRAB) •...
  2. spddmnjay

    1964 AC Cobra on Pawn Stars
  3. spddmnjay

    Roush RE 600 Ford GT engine on Ebay - UK

    Thought some find this interesting
  4. spddmnjay

    international careers/jobs - advice req'd

    Does anyone have experience working in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia or other)? If so, where is the best place to search for Middle East careers/jobs on the internet? Any employment agency recommendations for working internationally? I am a Engineering Technologist and kicking around the idea...
  5. spddmnjay

    Fuel Filler Fix - solution found and engineered

    As most of us are aware, a common problem is the fuel filler door (round flapper door that opens) will break. When this happens the filler door breaks in the open position. Then the car will not start. Only solution is to purchase another complete fuel filler assembly from Ford. So I took...
  6. spddmnjay

    CFM for stock supercharger?

    Does anyone know the min and max air flow (cfm) for the stock supercharger? In addition if you could include RPM for each CFM that would be great. I will use this information to determine methanol injection nozzle sizing. Cheers Jason
  7. spddmnjay

    "new" BOSS 429 engines

    Jon Kaase Racing Engines is now manufacturing and building and all "new" Boss 429 engines.
  8. spddmnjay

    engine signature plaque on Ebay

    Just thought I would let everyone know that there is an unsigned Ford GT signature plaque on Ebay. Maybe it is someone on this forum??
  9. spddmnjay

    FGT Supercar Portfolio book - for sale on SVTOA site

    I came across the Ford GT Supercar Portfolio book being sold on SVTOA site. Looks like a good opportunity to get this book at a fair price instead of buying the same book on Ebay for an inflated price.
  10. spddmnjay

    Autograph Ford GT for sale on Ebay

    Autograf Ford GT for sale on Ebay I seen a video of this car at the Texas Mile. Does anyone know anything about this car?
  11. spddmnjay

    original seat buttons - wanted

    I am looking for some original black seat buttons - these are the buttons that are attached to seat cover. Does anyone have a seat cover to sell and/or the buttons themselves? I want to use these buttons to create some custom interior pieces for my GT. I will then install "Hot Buttons" over...
  12. spddmnjay

    headlights on Ebay

    Came across this listing on Ebay for headlights...
  13. spddmnjay

    signed photo by DENISE MILANI with FORD GT - Ebay

    Seen this on Ebay.
  14. spddmnjay

    GT40 & Ford GT press kit paper weight - wanted

    I am looking to add the following items to my GT collection. Does anyone have these items to sell? - GT40 press kit paper weight (I've seen one on Ebay) **this paper weight had the GT40 name on it...they were obviously made before Ford declined to purchase the GT40 rights. - Ford GT press kit...
  15. spddmnjay

    Galpin Auto Sports - custom GT

    Just saw this on Cal Chrome website.
  16. spddmnjay

    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    Hello All: Well I think it is finally time for me to introduce myself. I have been lurking around the forum for a while and haven't posted any information about my GT. In 2008 I purchased a 2006 Ford GT in the US and brought it into Canada just before Xmas. Recently I completed all the...
  17. spddmnjay

    subwoofer center console - wanted

    I'm looking for a used subwoofer center console. You know, the piece with the big subwoofer mounted between your ears. My plan is to modify the subwoofer piece because I will be relocating the subwoofer behind the seat.
  18. spddmnjay

    non-Mac center console - wanted

    Anyone have a non-Mac center console to sell (part # 5G7Z6340374BAA)? I am relocating the sub woofer behind the seat so I need the non-Mac piece.
  19. spddmnjay

    starter won't turn at all - sizzling sound

    I know that this has been discussed in other threads but my situation is a little different. While installing Stainless Works headers I totally forgot to disconnect the battery. :confused Too excited to get them installed. So during the install the header touched the starter and SHAZAM...
  20. spddmnjay

    transaxle drain/fill plug sealant

    What is the correct type of thread sealant to use on the transaxle drain & fill plugs?