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  1. Triheart7

    Team SKY at The Tour de France 2018

    This morning in the TV coverage of the Tour de France they mentioned that Team Sky had the “New Ford car”, #4 in Europe ....Yellow. They showed a few seconds of Yellow Jersey winner G. Thomas and former winner Peter Froome sitting on the front, which kind of made me cringe. Maybe someone...
  2. Triheart7

    Passed my smog and I live in California

    I am happy to post that I passed my California Smog check today. I have Gen II Whipple and mufler delete. Last week I passed the emmisions test, but I failed to complete all the OBD self tests. But after reseting to the orriginal tune and some driving around town the past week I passed with...
  3. Triheart7

    No Water

    I find myself with more free time on my hands today because I have no water. So the deal is; over the weekend someone dug up and stole the copper piping to my building. I share my building complex with a pre-school and an Easter Seals and my dental office. As a dental office I need water in...
  4. Triheart7

    Happy Birthday Stormcat.

    Stormcat, you are almost always first to wish members a Happy Birthday. Have a great day, and a Happy Birthday.:cool
  5. Triheart7

    Roll bar for GTX1

    If you convert to a GTX1 it is technically classified as a convertible. I know that most track organizations require a roll bar for a convertible. My question is is a roll bar necessary? If it is, can a very conservative one be made for a person that wants to go to the track once in a while?