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    Spotted: Red GT in Iowa 7/1

    Headed west on I-80 about 2pm (ish) in front of the "Worlds Largest Truck Stop" about 20 miles west of the Quad Cities. Anyone on here?
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    Removing the Cats

    I have an 05 with tune/pulley. Stock headers. H pipe exhaust. I'd like to remove the CATS to make the car louder and also hoping to get some more "pop and gurgle" out of her. Thoughts on this? Anyone have a similar setup? Thanks!
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    SoCal get together Monday/Tuesday next week?

    I'll be in the Irvine area Monday and Tuesday (7/25, 7/25) next week. Anyone interested in grabbing lunch or dinner? Let me know!
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    SoCal Winter Storage Needed

    Looking for a secure place to store my GT this winter in SoCal. Probably NOV thru MAY. I would come out a few times for some road trips. Thoughts on something? Could be anywhere from San Diego up to the OC.
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    Ford wins AGAIN at Mosport!

    Congrats to #67 Briscoe for his first place finish at Mosport. Chevy takes 2nd and 3rd.
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    Where did I buy this Ford GT brochure banner?

    I have one that I believe was made from a foldout brochure. Its like 2' x 6' in size. It lists all the specs on the car and color choices. I bought it on here about 2 years ago. Was this from Trent? I need another one for a friend. Please help! Thanks!
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    Anyone in the Miami area to check out a car for me?

    Looking for a new DD and have located a potential in the Hollywood, FL area. Anyone down that way that could swing by and do a visual inspection for me? If it passes the sniff test I'll get a PPI and fly down. Thanks!
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    Extra ticket for Rolex 24 this weekend

    Due to a last minute cancellation of a friend, I have an extra ticket for the long weekend. Its my guest pass. Does anyone need this? Willing to sell. Call or text me at 952 nine nine four 9449. Thanks.
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    Ford Credit Retail Holiday Bonus Customer Cash

    Dealer says this can only be used on a purchase, not a lease because its from FMC. Isn't a lease from FMC as well?
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    Anyone own a BMW i3 or VW eGolf ?

    Looking to lease a new EV for my wife. Her driving cycle is ideal for one and I like the tech. Leasing because tech will be much different in 2 years. Just wondering what you guys think about these two options. The VW is ideal with 4 doors since she drives the kids around twice a day. The...
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    Rear Bumper Delete H pipe options?

    Looking to finally do the RBD but can't find many (and?) H pipe options that are short. I currently have a Hennessey that I love but I am suspect it could be cut to fit well in a short format. Cooltech had some but are out. Any others I am missing?
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    Contact at Reliable Shipping?

    I've left a few messages but they must be too busy for my business. Anyone have a contact I can use? Looking to ship 2-3 cars. Thanks!
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    Rally 10: Looking for a spot to ride on Friday driving event

    I am looking to find an empty passenger seat for the Friday driving event. In the past I've been a welcome addition to HiloDave and Xcentric, among others. Let me know if you want a great navigator!
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    Italy Cars & Coffee - Nice collection! Heritage GT at 9:02
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    AZ folks - planning out a day trip, need help with route!

    I'll be out in Scottsdale this week for a few days. I have a day to burn on Weds and was looking for some good roads (for my rental car! :rofl). Anyways how about 87 north up to 188 south to 60 west. About 225 miles roundtrip from my hotel. Roads look good, on paper. Any suggestions (or...
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    NY Auto Show

    I'll be in NYC this week and thought I'd go see the show. Is it any good? The one I normally hit is Chicago. Anyone else in town that want to go on Thursday?
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    Spotted GT on MotorWeek

    Last week's episode had a white GT sitting in the background during the "Goss's garage" section. Anyone on here?
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    Amelia Island 2015 Who's going? Unfortunately I'll be down in Daytona and only flying up for the day on Sunday.
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    Scottsdale area dinner - 12/16 ?

    Anyone in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area up for a FGT dinner on the 16th? I'll be in town. The 15th could work as well. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Low Intensity Infrared garage heaters

    Looking at options for heating the garage. Its pretty warm now as its super insulated but it does get a bit chilly when it hits -30 here in MN :) Anyone have experience with these low intensity infrared units?