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    Voodoo Blue delivery!

    Looks awesome!
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    Barnstomer Grill and Airport

    Great pics!
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    Bridgestone Potenza replacement tire size for 05/06 FGT

    I run 30 in front, 28 in back. YMMV.
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    Bridgestone Potenza replacement tire size for 05/06 FGT

    TireRack tells me the newest ones are 2017s. Who are you guys working with? Despite buying many sets of tires from him my guy does not like anything other than order taking!
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    Need GT specialist!!!

    Shame on them!
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    What would you be looking to buy next?

    Loved my Huracan. Not sure there is a better sounding car with the Fabspeed exhaust.
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    Home Arcade Games?

    Thats exactly what I have. We love it. Let me find out which one I have. I have this one: but with Pac Man graphics. Been very happy with it.
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    Interesting...if you own a Beemer i3

    Love the i3. Very interesting.
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    05 Ford GT power loss

    Kendall to the rescue again!
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    Happy 4th of July

    Had mine out for a stretch this morning. Merica!
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    Chip's NFGT on the cover of the "Blue Press"

    Not sure which aged better.......
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    Claiming Longest trip

    Wait. What? When did that happen?
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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    Got these installed. Just like the rest of Kendalls work/products they are top notch!
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    New tire tech

    I'm replacing my Bridgestones on age way before they wear out.
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    My new delivery mileage Ford GT

    Love it. My exact car!
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    Wanted one new rear lower billet a-arm

    Mine are cracked as well. I'll ping Rich.
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    2006 Ford GT Oilpump and Serpentine Belts

    By earliest you mean the newest? I'm not sure I would put a 10 year old belt on my car.