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  1. hollywoodstunts

    PPI for a Carrera GT in the Houston area

    Any suggestions for someone that could do a PPI on a Carrera GT? I found one and we've agreed on a price, just need to verify it's the car that it seems to be. I missed Mitty's CGT, but if anyone knows anyone considering selling, please have them contact me. A FGT and a CGT. There are a lot of...
  2. hollywoodstunts

    Carbon wanted

    Looking for lightly-used or unused carbon fiber: front splitter, side splitters, rear diffuser, or engine bay window trim. If you bought some and had second thoughts about instillation, or just want to go back to stock, PM me. Thanks! Tom
  3. hollywoodstunts

    Last Minute Ride Allert

    Woobose and Hollywoodstunts are meeting at 1410 Abbot Kinney, cross street California (90291) for a Malibu brunch run. Meeting around 9, with a 9:30am departure for Malibu. It's late notice, but if you can't make the Venice portion, we're heading to Marmalade at Cross Creek. We should be there...
  4. hollywoodstunts

    Fs: Fs: Hefner cat back x-pipe for bumper delete $1650'

    Pipe is lightly used and has a lava rock wrap finished with stainless wire. The wrap took about two hours of labor to complete. The pipe and wrap look new or very lightly used. Thanks for reading. Tom 310.251.6254
  5. hollywoodstunts

    Bad wrap

    Wanted to share the most recent changes to my GT: a complete matte-black wrap and Accufab X-Pipe. None of this would have been possible without the extremely knowledgeable and unbelievably informative assistance of Shadowman. The wrap was carefully and expertly applied by James Naccarato at...
  6. hollywoodstunts

    WTB Accufab X Pipe

    Now I'm looking for an Accufab X pipe. PM me or email: Thanks.
  7. hollywoodstunts

    WTB Clamshell Vents

    I'm looking for some in flat black, or that I can paint flat black. Thanks.
  8. hollywoodstunts

    Wanted to buy: Wheels

    I am looking for a set of upgraded BBS stock wheels that, in a perfect world, have already been powder coated black. Or a completely stock set that I plan on turning black. Or... I am open to an aftermarket set of wheels, preferably in black. Again I am open to other colors that can be powder...