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  1. Mullet

    Well hello old timers.......been away for a while as some of you guys know

    I sure have a lot of catching up to do. Been semi retired the last 3+ years but it’s now time to get back to my biz and get my 05 GT back! Hope to see you guys around sometime.
  2. Mullet

    For Sale...... brand new never used Hoosier R6 rear tires stock size

    Got a extra set of rears when the forum did the group purchase after they stopped making these. Never mounted and been in my climate controlled warehouse. If you do mile events or track days these are the ones to have (I know they are good to 300mph ;) ). $800 plus shipping (usually $50-$80...
  3. Mullet

    I took the 6 Speed (manual) class at the Oct 2014 Texas Invitational

    In my Lambo. Here's the 1320 vid of it.
  4. Mullet

    UGR 2R vs 425hp Busa

    This will put the acceleration of the Lambo's into perspective. This is a standard 2r UGR G.
  5. Mullet

    Ran a 9.39 at 151 at the 1/4 on 11-10-13

    We rented out the Baytown track and first hit I did a 9.39 with a 1.53 60ft. A later run I nailed a 1.49 60ft at 9.44. Just for you Freddy....DA was negative 235 I was spraying on the hit and all the way down. :)
  6. Mullet

    Whose 1450 hp GT is this?

    I don't recognize it.
  7. Mullet

    New personal best in my GT

    9.58 at 151.
  8. Mullet

    2-15-13 Mullet Ford GT 9.72 and 9.72 1/4 vids

    First time to ever run a 1/4 on sticky tires. I couldn't believe how well the ET Streets hooked. 9.72 at 149.8 on the first run and 9.72 at 145.6 on the second run. Also did a new personal best of 4.28 60-130mph. No, Freddy I don't know what the DA was. :lol
  9. Mullet

    Texas Invitational 4-2012 Media Thread

    Couple test hits from yesterday. I'm spraying it on the hit and all the way down. Camaro is a 1300 TT 300 shot car and Supra is a super lightweight one at 1300hp on that run. This was a test and tune on Saturday. Grudge matches today. acceleration space is 1450-1500 feet...
  10. Mullet

    Project Make the Mullet GT faster

    Some updated pics from Friday. Black crinkle powdercoating on the black parts. BIG fuel system and NOS.
  11. Mullet

    Blue stripe touch up paint code

    I need the paint code for the blue stripe. Please post if you know it FOR SURE and not just a guess.......please.
  12. Mullet

    Optional BBS rear wheels for sale

    SOLD Just the rears, no tires. Condition is 8.5 to 9 out of 10 (doing this from memory). I'll post up some pics in a few days. 2 new center caps included. $1800 plus shipping. pm me if interested.
  13. Mullet

    Project Make the Mullet GT faster

    Got a estimate for a whole new fuel system and NOS for the GT from Hennessey. Fuel system will be able to handle any future upgrades as well. Here is what's changing....... Pumps, regulators, swirl pot, accumulator, lines, fuel rails, injectors, y block and filters. NOS system will be...
  14. Mullet

    Pilot Sport Cups for Sale 18 inch front and 19 inch rear

    SOLD Adult owned and never raced. ;) Used the rears for 1-2 months and started using R6's all the time (was gonna keep them for a street tire but like the R6's too much). Fronts I had on the car for 10-12 months (some of this time was during my rebuild). They come with 6/32 tread from the...
  15. Mullet

    Anyone using 18 inch rear wheels?

    Anyone using a 18 inch rear wheel? Wanting to try some drag radials but not sure if 18 inch wheels will clear the brakes?? anyone?
  16. Mullet

    Testing out the new GoPro2 on the rear bumper

    A few test hits. check the flames at 1:07
  17. Mullet

    Private Airfield event 11-6-11 outside of Dallas

    We put on a private airfield event last weekend and had a great turnout. it is a 4000 foot runway which gives us 350 feet to get to 50 mph then a stoplight will turn green and it's a 1450 foot pull to the cones. About 50 cars were invited and everything ran super smooth. Everyone we have...
  18. Mullet

    Optional BBS wheels for sale

    SOLD First front wheel is near perfect, let's say a 9/10. No issues. Second front wheel has a a little bit of curb rash (actually from a track day hard cornering). The rash is not deep and could be buffed out. I give the whole wheel a 7.5 out of 10 because of the rash. Maybe 2-3 other...
  19. Mullet

    Couple photos of my new wheels on the GT

    A few people have requested a photo or two. Here are a few from the October 2011 Texas Mile. Wheels are Forgestars and weigh what the optional BBS ones do. Rears are 12 inches wide and front the stock width (9?). If you are interested in these my buddy is a dealer for them and believe it or...
  20. Mullet

    My buddies have been giving me a hard time recently about wanting my SC back on......

    So they have done a couple [/IMG] [/IMG]