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  1. Mullet

    Marshall Goldman motor sales

    Lol bought a 575 Ferrari from them, had it shipped to a local dealer. On the way home stopped at a buddies house and while checking the car out my buddy found a small bag of Columbia’s finest export. Sure made another buddy of mine happy. 😂
  2. Mullet

    Well hello old timers.......been away for a while as some of you guys know

    I sure have a lot of catching up to do. Been semi retired the last 3+ years but it’s now time to get back to my biz and get my 05 GT back! Hope to see you guys around sometime.
  3. Mullet

    For Sale...... brand new never used Hoosier R6 rear tires stock size

    Got a extra set of rears when the forum did the group purchase after they stopped making these. Never mounted and been in my climate controlled warehouse. If you do mile events or track days these are the ones to have (I know they are good to 300mph ;) ). $800 plus shipping (usually $50-$80...
  4. Mullet

    Ford GT Bare Carbon Wheel Debuts

    gloss carbon ftw
  5. Mullet

    2017 Ford GT Configurator - Let's build some combos

    gloss carbon wheels ftw
  6. Mullet

    2017 Ford GT Configurator - Let's build some combos

    Here's mine: Matte Black, no stripe, gloss carbon accents and gloss carbon wheels red calipers with black interior. Sure will be hard keeping it clean with all the driving I will do.....but worth it!.
  7. Mullet

    Application Videos Thread

    I should have just sent this
  8. Mullet

    2017 NFGT Configurator - Series 1 and Series 2?

    I'd like to see a full naked gloss carbon option. :)
  9. Mullet

    New Texas Mile record set by Mark Heidaker.

    Bravo Mark, Kevin and crew. Let's me and you do some highway pulls. FGT vs FGT. :)
  10. Mullet

    Underrated HP on 05-06 GTs

    throw 35lbs of boost at the engine......that will wake it up.
  11. Mullet

    Gas Monkey Ford GT

    Car looks ok. I'd rock it down the freeway at 220+. ;)
  12. Mullet

    Ford GT: Development

    needs a little more wing. lol
  13. Mullet

    Not a peep

    listen to what Dave says, forget all the other chatter.
  14. Mullet

    Streeracers Immune

    Back in high school 2 friends of mine had diplomatic immunity. We would get pulled over and they would pull out this piece of paper and the cops would call it in and come back and let us go. This is in the same ballpark.
  15. Mullet

    New Ford GT Coming With 630 HP And 539 LB-FT

    THAT'S what I like to hear.
  16. Mullet

    Penske shocks Used

    such a good upgrade.....someone buy these!
  17. Mullet

    Who should Ford hire to race it's GTs?

    if they need a standing mile driver I'm your guy! lol
  18. Mullet

    2006 Clutch slipping

    SPEC ST trim
  19. Mullet

    Billet crank for the GT?