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    Muffler replacement question

    I want to pull the OEM muffler and go muffler delete. Can I do this from below after I pull the belly pans or do I need to do it from above which I’m guessing would require removal of the clamshell? Thanks for the help.

    Question about Sensors

    I know search is my friend but I can’t find it........ Thnx in advance Car was ran poorly after sitting a few months this winter and threw a check engine lite. Scanner pulled up P0102 which is Mass Flow P2196 02 P2198 02 1.Does anyone know the part numbers for ordering these sensors from Ford...

    Need inspection in Long Island

    I was contacted about a Tungsten in Long Island. I think it’s on the South Fork. A buddy needs it inspected. He will be happy to pay you. It’s car 1474 Who is “willing and able?” Anyone know the car? I’m told it has under 2000 miles on the odometer. Thank you

    9 “workhorse” GT’s in 2003/2004 for preliminary testing Question.

    On page 113 and 114 of the Larry Edsall book on The GT. I’m seeing pics of one or possible more of the workhorse cars that were tested back in the day. Were all of them black and if so were all of them black with the Gold BBS? I’m asking because I don’t recall ever seeing pics of this car...

    I’m going to be out of power for month how do I trickle?

    So there has always been a lot of talk about our batteries and trickle charging. I trickle. But my man cave will be without power maybe a month. Any kind of product with a charge and an outlet that is like a jumper type handy device I can trickle from while I’m out? Thnx Obviously this is just...

    Texas 2005 GT that needs a PPI

    Thnx in advance. I finally put one of my best friends into a GT. The purchase is subject to an inspection. Car is about an hour Northof San Antonio. We will pay you. Can any local or locals help? Thank you. My contact info should b in my profile and certainly you can reply on this thread. The...

    S. Florida GT's & Irma

    Move your stuff while you can and be safe.

    Winter fueling (it spills out)

    If in the winter I get caught with only a 1/4 tank and I want to add fuel I use a 5 Gallon VP type plastic can to put in fuel. Normally a nice trickle p!sses out the bottom. Am I sticking it in too far or not enough that it's p!ssing out the overflow? (I know,.....that's what she said.....) Or...

    DTC codes,..can I delete with tuner from different car?

    Maybe a rookie question but can I take the SCT tuner from a different GT and use it to delete a code in my car? Basically,..I get the "door ajar" light when none are open. Would love to delete that for now. Thnx

    GT's at SAAC 40 today/yesterday

    Who was there? Saw a Gulf, 2 blue, Silver, Tungsten. Plus a GT40 (real) Several kit cars I brought a track car and a B9 to take kids for rides. Couple adults were indulged as well.

    FL ins for a GT OMG

    Don't ask why but I was thinking of insuring a GT in FL and the rate was "like" double the rate in the Northeast. Yes,...near water. :-) What's a rate in Southeast FL? I mean OMFG

    Battery sh!t the bed....

    Battery #2 lasted about 6 years. Where do we currently stand? OEM optima or the Sears Diehard? Thank you

    Pulley but no tune?

    I saw a car advertised that had A pulley change but the car does not have a tuner. Question is,...they don't know if it has an aftermarket tune. I know the pulley and tune is "textbook" but can the pulley be done without changing the tune? Car runs fine. Allegedly. Thnx

    Oil pressure should be what?

    From past threads I know this has been touched upon before. Its been discussed lightly. Let me ask this basic question. At temp, idle oil pressure should be what on a stock GT,...mine idles at 700 RPM? At 2000 RPM, at temp, oil pressure should be roughly what? Car has textbook...

    MB McLaren 722s

    I was in FL for a few days and in the garage was not one but two side by side Mercedes McLaren 722s cars. One hardtop in silver and a white convertible. They sounded pretty sick for a Benz. I saw them both moving around during my stay but never had a chance to speak with the owner. Apparently...

    Stabil vs Sea Foam vs nothing

    I put Stabil in all the carburated vehicles. No issue. I know some people don't like Stabil. OK What are people putting in their GT's if the vehicle will sit for a few winter months. It will get started up at least once every 3-4 weeks. It will get up to temp. Thnx

    SAAC 37 at Watkins Glen

    The SAAC/SVRA event last week at the Glen was all it should be and more. We had probably over 100 vintage Shelby automobiles and maybe as many newgen cars. There were a few GT's there as well. There was a beautiful original GT40 at concours and and some other amazing machines like a REAL...

    Belly Pan Torx bolt female end stripped. What to do?

    Thank you in advance. I am taking a deep breath. On rear SHIELD. Front 3, dead center in location. Torx bolts are gone and I can stick one in and out freely with no resistance from the threads on female end which is stripped. A. Where do I go from here? B. If I drive conservatively ( under...

    One of One arrives.....

    Got here one week ago. Freakin' beautiful. I think I need another....... Jeff told me its the only one (yellow) like it built over both years with these exact options. Go figure.