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  1. tony h

    Fuel filler problems - can it be by passed?

    Hi Wondered if anyone out there knows if the system can be completely by passed? Every now and then my car will stall at lights and I know that this is the emmissions system that is linked to the fillwer neck that causes the car to shut down. As I live in UK, this is not really a problem...
  2. tony h

    OEM tyres

    I had ordered 4 rear tyres from Kwik Fit several months ago and said that I would update when I had received them. Today I had a call from Kwik Fit who said that they are going to refund the payment that I have made as Goodyear will not be making any more tyres of this size. :confused I was...
  3. tony h

    Goodyear Eagle F1 rear tyres on offer at Kwik Fit

    Message to report that I have just purchased 4 Goodyear F1 eagles (315/40 19 Y) at a price of £1,109 that includes all taxes and fitting. :thumbsup I am in UK but nevertheless I think that is an excellent price for anyone that may need new rubber at the rear. Thanks Tony H
  4. tony h

    Radio tuning

    Wonder if anyone can offer any help? Have a Mackintosh stystem and the radio only tunes on the odd frequencies on FM, ie 97.3, 97.5, 97.7 and so on. How can I get it to include the even frequencies, ie 97.2, 97.4, 97.6? :confused:confused Any help much appreciated.
  5. tony h

    Erratic indicators

    Hi Guys Forgive my terminologies - I am from the UK. Can anyone offer any advice? My GT left hand turn signal flashes faster than the right hand one. The 4 way hazard warning lights all flash at the same speed which would indicate that all the bulbs are ok? Does anyone have any idea where the...
  6. tony h

    New owner and new member to the forum

    Hi Guys. I have owned my GT for about 4 weeks now and have to say that I am extremely impressed with it. I have had all sorts of boring cars, M3, 911's and the like but nothing compares to this monster. I just got rid of my 2009 Nissan GTR which, to give it credit, was a fast car but it was...