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    Whipple Supercharger System & Accufab X-pipe

    The X-pipe is sold. Thanks again to everyone. Steve
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    Whipple Supercharger System & Accufab X-pipe

    The bolt kit is now sold. Steve
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    Whipple Supercharger System & Accufab X-pipe

    Received it just a little while ago. It's all good! Steve
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    Whipple Supercharger System & Accufab X-pipe

    You beat me to it. It'll go out on Monday. Thanks, Steve
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    Bony, I generated a thread this morning in the "Products for your GT" area and it disappeared...

    Bony, I generated a thread this morning in the "Products for your GT" area and it disappeared. Is this something I am not authorized to do? Steve
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    Whipple Supercharger System & Accufab X-pipe

    My Ford GT is gone but I was able to remove the following components prior to selling it: 1) Whipple Supercharger Gen I 2) Accufab Throttle Body 3) Diablo Sport MAFia 4) SCT Tuner 5) Accufab Air Inlet Support Sleeve 6) Accufab X-Pipe 7) Accufab Rear Axle Bolt Kit (never used) Items 1-7 have...
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    Diff in Whp with turbo and super

    My GT made 775 rwhp and 715 rwtq with an average boost of just under 20 psi using a Whipple. It would be nice to have Torrie chime in here but I believe his twin turbo has made around 1100 rwhp but I am not sure what his boost levels were. Steve
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    whipple belt

    Nothing was real difficult about this but you do need a little patience. Most everything I do is without any help and this is a one man job. I laid a towel under the pulley in case anything dropped while I was trying to insert the hex tool into the SHCS's. While you can't see the bolts you...
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    whipple belt

    I installed my Whipple with a 3.25" pulley then changed to the 3.50" pulley with the supercharger still on the motor. I cut off a piece of an Allen wrench and then used a Craftsman ratcheting box wrench. Since box wrenches have an offset built into them, I was able to stay away from the...
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    High Horsepower GT's

    The following pertains to DynoJet's Winpep software: "Uncorrected" is the actual horsepower made without any correction factors. "STD" correction is based on a 60 degree F day with 0% humidity and 29.92 in-Hg barometric pressure. This is the J607 standard. "SAE" correction is based on a 77...
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    High Horsepower GT's

    I added those numbers to the original post. Larry, those are two really good questions. According to some people that are a whole lot smarter than I am, the headers/no cats will not produce much more - if any - power than I already have. Based on that, the only reasons I would have for putting...
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    High Horsepower GT's

    I am running a Whipple supercharger with an Accufab throttle body, factory exhaust manifolds, factory cats, and an Accufab 'X' pipe. I am using a SCT tuner from Tony at HP-Performance that I further tuned with the Racer package. All of the runs are on my DynoJet 248c. 3.25" pulley averaging...
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    Whipple 23lb Stainless Works no cats Dyno!

    I am real anxious to hear what kind of et's and mph you run with your new combination. I plan on taking mine out to the strip within the next few months. My GT made 774 rwhp and 708 rwtq with a Whipple and a 3.5" pulley. The boost averaged 19.93 psi. With the 3.25" pulley it made 795 rwhp...
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    Just as awesome inside too

    Bill, Geez, I'm away from the forum for a while and you go to town! Just an incredible write up and an incredible installation job. The red valve covers and black Whipple look outstanding. The exhaust system does indeed look like a work of art. Your attention to detail and descriptive...
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    Torrie's TT Disproves My Fear of Lag

    Torrie must indeed be a very generous person! I know he has extended an offer to a number of people on this forum for a ride in his car. It must be an amazing experience! Sounds like a great excuse for a Florida vacation... Steve
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    Headed to Germany! Tuning in Stuttgart!

    You are the only trans-continental tuner that I am aware of! The people in Stuttgart are extremely fortunate to have your services. I hope you enjoy yourself over there! Steve
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    Hennessy GT700 engine upgrade

    This sounds like a car to "raise the bar". Do you happen to have any progress pics? This I have to see... Steve
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    water injection

    I don't have any first hand experience but here is an interesting thread: Steve
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    I have never been so happy to screw up a DR launch

    Torrie, that's just incredible! You are one fortunate guy! I would really like to see a 1/4 mile run in your car - providing they would let you run. Steve