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  1. Fracman

    Anyone from Houston want to join me at the US GP Race tomorrow?

    Ticket spoken for. Thanks
  2. Fracman


    The only thing in my mind that is almost as cool as a clutched on/off Road Warrior supercharger sticking up through the hood (haven't figured out for the GT, will leave that to Fubar) is flames out the exhaust. I was able to get my wish on video:
  3. Fracman

    Whipple Installed = 808 whp!

    Just finished with the dyno tuning session with a freshly installed 3.4L whipple.. put down 808 whp on pump gas!!! I would attribute these figures (and the steady climb in power with each dyno run) to the "secret sauce", a remote tune from Torrie. It was awesome to watch the interaction with...
  4. Fracman

    Need Help - Cat Pipe Removal

    I'm pulling the CAT pipes and am stuck on removing the passenger side (driver's side was a snap). Is it possible to pull the pipe without removing the rear bumper, starter, or axle shaft? I've got the o2 sensors pulled and axle shaft heat shield off but can't seem to find a path for the CAT...
  5. Fracman

    Thanks Doctor V8

    Thanks to the good doctor for putting together a great meet yesterday. Although new to the scene, I suspect that was the most GT's ever gathered in Houston, I'm thinking there were 14+ with the few that rotated in through the day. Also, please pass on the thanks to your brother for all of his...
  6. Fracman

    Quicksilver Garage Complete

    I've put the wraps on my latest project, making the garage suitable for the GT. The lighting was inspired by the pictures of Soroush's shop (I don't think it can be called a garage anymore) and everything else was driven by my preference for silver and black vehicles. The ceiling is calling...
  7. Fracman

    Anyone considering trailering from Houston/STX area?

    On the bubble on this... Driving the GT to SLC not in the cards. Considering attending without the GT:thumbsdow Thinking of trailering if there is a decent rate with a reputable carrier with a group.
  8. Fracman

    Any Experience In Leather Panel Repair/Replacement?

    The original owner of my GT did a Pele Jr. job on the leather covered panel section in the footwell, just to the left of the deadpedal. The leather has some deep gouges, scratches, and a few tears. I'm curious if any owners have remedied this by either recovering the existing piece or replaced...
  9. Fracman

    New Owner!!

    After several years of looking, pondering, and selling myself on the idea (and about 23+ since building my first GT-40 model), I’ve finally jumped in with both feet and joined the ranks with a Quicksilver, 4 option. I can’t wait to start enjoying what I believe is one of the most beautiful...