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    C&C today

    Nice gathering, beautiful photos, thanks for posting !
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    2021 Heritage GT - Pat Milliken Ford

    What a car...I want one so bad.
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    Is There a Waiting List Procedure...

    Good to know, thank you !
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    Is There a Waiting List Procedure...

    Basically, there is no chance for us that didn't get an allocation to get one anymore, correct ?
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    After nearly 15 years in the making, I finally own a Ford GT

    I'm really happy to see a Fcar/Lambo owner appreciate those two American Icons. Although I don't own Fcar or Lambo, I do have a '15 Superformance Cobra built by Dennis Olthoff in Mt. Ulla NC.
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    looking for a 05/06 gt

    Try Formula 1 Sports Cars in Miami, they have a perfect White example.
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    Repainting the 2005 red ford Gt to heritage wondering if anyone done this and where and how much

    Very interesting topic. Couple of questions: About how much is a wrap like this ? Can you Xpel the wrap after it is done ? Or is the wrap repairable from rock chips/small dents ?
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    Trying to find T&A lowering kit

    I'd like to see some pictures when dropped if you can.
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    Reaction to Pista vs NFGT

    That last picture says it all. The GT is in a class of its own. Too bad I didn't make the list.
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Got my letter today...NO avail...again ! Good thing I really enjoy my '05 GTs, Superformance Cobra and vert '13GT500. Maybe next time around !
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    GT Twin Turbo vs 720S video...

    Congratulations FiskeGTS, what a beast !
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    Shop recommendation for extensive work? Paint & Mods

    Thank you very much, Specracer, just ordered one !!!
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    Shop recommendation for extensive work? Paint & Mods

    Can we still get Short Shift Kits ?
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    2006 black stripe delete GT for sale

    Nice door panels...
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    Am I priced out of the market?

    Check out: Sill-Terhar Motors, Inc. 150 Alter Street, Broomfield, CO, 80020 2005 Red, 6,000 miles @ $265k
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    Anybody here with a '19 ZR1 ?

    Hello, I would like to hear some opinions from '19 ZR1 owners as I have been waiting for a .2 GT3RS allocation without luck and a local Chevy dealer just offered me the new Orange ZR1 (incoming in 3 weeks) which seems like an exellent performer all around instead ?
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    My mood improved— got a VIN today

    Have a cigar, you got a new car !
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    A Ford GT Warehouse?

    Greart story indeed. One question; once inside the warehouse, did you think about getting a different color GT ?
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    NFGT auctioned at Shady Dana's House of Sleaze (Title Presented by DBK)

    I would buy one from Ford and agree to finance the last $1,000.00 for 48 months at 1% APR with no pre-payment option. Then I could get the title transfered.