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  1. Fubar

    Useless crap you have to buy right now! Yes... I am the sucker that bought it. It's so cool!!!
  2. Fubar

    Still Running Hot

    I can't get the car to stay cool. Ambient temps are high 100-105 on the track. I ran three laps at Eagle's Canyon and the car was in shut-down mode 240+. Anybody working on a solution?
  3. Fubar

    The new key cover

    So I got the new key/alarm cover in and it is ok. In my opinion the cover for the key is to bulky but the alarm shell is cool... but it could be cooler. Which brings me to this: To stripe or not to stripe? That is the question. :confused
  4. Fubar

    Ebay toy

    Oh, that I could??? I bet it gets good gas mileage too.
  5. Fubar

    Telecom Scam??

    I was just wondering if anybody here knows why people always call from the Southwest Yellow Page Advancement Advertising wanting to "update my free listing?" I know there is something shady about it, I just don't know what it is. Anybody?
  6. Fubar

    Whipple Instal

    I was thinking about upgrading the Stock Supercharger to Whipple's new system. I was just wondering if this is as straight forward as it looks or should I let the GT Guys do it?
  7. Fubar


    I thought you guys might get a kick outa this
  8. Fubar

    Rally III Sign-ups

    The registration has been up a few days now and there isn't near enough of you on there. What gives? We are talking about Carroll Shelby people... The Texas Gambler!! You won't get many more opportunities to HANG OUT with Shelby. All the player will be there The GT Guys, the design team, plus...
  9. Fubar

    New Fuel Options Its better than sending your money to Saudi Arabia!
  10. Fubar

    Silver rings in the seats?

    I know the topic has been discussed here before, but mostly from the "why didn't we get 'em?" point of view. I'm not sure that I ever read the answer to that question either, just the read that we have the option of calling the GTX guys to get those seats. Now, why did they have them back in...
  11. Fubar

    Dave... this one is for you.

    Any chance you can use your pull at Ford to get us those books? I am sure it is extremely out of the ordinary for Ford but so are these cars. Given that we are all car freaks that tech book would be the holy grail of car memorabilia. c'on, I'll get ya out of jail for free. That's a real life...
  12. Fubar

    Turbo v/s Supercharged?

    I often visit another car forum to learn more about my daily driver. I have been reading a discussion on this other forum about turbos and SC'd cars. Everyone there is in general agreement that a turbo'd cars will make more torque than a SC'd cars on the same engine (making similar HP numbers)...
  13. Fubar

    2004 Ford GT?

    Anybody ever notice that Wikipedia details 547 2004 GTs being produced? Did I miss something?
  14. Fubar

    Good for a laugh I like the touch football adv.
  15. Fubar

    Squeeky Shifter

    I know this sounds like a simple problem to fix but it hasn't been so far. The details: 1) New (about 3 months old) Ford Short Throw shifter. 2) The problem started about 2 weeks ago when shifting from 1st to 2nd or vice/versa - noisy squeaking sound (extremely irritating) 3) I lifted the...
  16. Fubar

    GT in the News
  17. Fubar

    GT v/s M3 w/ VFE supercharger

    Unknow drivers, unknown road Three honks then go: GT drivers lets the M3 get a little momentium first
  18. Fubar

    Shorty Headers

    I am having a guy make me some headers that just replace the stock manifold and work with the existing catalytic converters. If anyone would like a set let me know. He is making them out of 323 stainless (that means nothing to me but he said it was the good stuff). He works with Ferrari a lot...
  19. Fubar

    Damaged Wheel

    This discussion began in another thread but I thought it would be easier for people to find the information in the future if we started a new thread. I was working on the car and one of the wheels fell over. The damage to the paint was substantial enough to warrants having the wheel redone...
  20. Fubar

    Cat Delete Project

    I need a project (I miss getting grease under my finger nails) so I decided to order the Ford Racing Cat-Delete kit from Muscle Motors. It is my intention to remove the headers in the process and have them ceramic coated. The whole project looks pretty straight forward. Any advice from those who...