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  1. Fubar

    New Raptor

    I gotz one!! but, that's not all... Torrie rocks!!! That is all, carry on.
  2. Fubar

    Ford v Chevy

    I had been thinking about a vette but now… I don’t know? qD5hhErLcqw
  3. Fubar

    Half shafts

    Who sells/makes stronger than oem options?
  4. Fubar


    Looking for opinions on coating for the combustion chamber? I'm getting different suggestions from knowledgable sources.
  5. Fubar

    New Hotness

    Secret things are happening, in secret. Hint: My fuel is flexing and my pins feel like diamonds. ;)
  6. Fubar

    For Sale - 2009 Cadillac CTS-V

    Celebrity Owner - Pimp Daddy Red - 2009 Cadillac CTS-V $45,000 gets it done. I will post pictures after I get it cleaned up. 54k miles (100,000 extended warranty negotiable) All services were done at recommended intervals or sooner. I also make a habit of changing the transmission and...
  7. Fubar

    Looking to Buy

    I have been mulling over an addition to my garage. Old Mustang or Camaro but it would need to be a good candidate for 'rest mod' project. Honestly, I am thinking Pantera. Anybody with connects on one of these? I plan on being a buyer within the next 30-60 days. No rush, just looking at options...
  8. Fubar

    Old Schooler What did they call a baller in 1970?
  9. Fubar

    Bond Girls

    You can run but you can't hide... in fact, you might want to get found.
  10. Fubar

    Facebook request

    Sorry to mooch on you guys but I need improve my google listing and leaning on my internet savvy friends is going to be part of program. If you guys would please goto my company Facebook page and "Like" or "Become a Fan?" It would help me crush the competition. Thanks...
  11. Fubar

    My First Speeding Ticket

    I think this is my first speeding ticket in the GT (hope it's not a sign of things to come). hmmm, I've had so many that they kind of run together, but I been shocked at the lack of attention I get from police when driving the GT. Anyway, I forgot to turn on my V1 or this would have been...
  12. Fubar

    Inspection Problem

    I'm trying to understand a problem on a local GT. The car is a low milage, pulley tune car with stock exhaust. It will not pass the state inspection but it doesn't show any codes on the SCT handheld unit. The state's inspection machine is the type that would require OBDII port to be attached...
  13. Fubar

    You think you've got a BIG piston, uh?

    Check out this dinner plate. Fish was working on a motor with pistons that have a 6 inch diameter. I put the gun down there because it seemed like a good size reference. I also wanted you guys to know I was hard core. Oh, by the way, the black cylinder to the left is not a small LED...
  14. Fubar

    Parts Problem

    I'm trying to get my hands on a few of the bolts that secure the center console. It's not "mission critical" I just don't like the looks of the torx fitting on a few of the ones I have. Torry said Fords position is "not serviceable, improvise." That's not my favorite answer but I know how to...
  15. Fubar

    Neighborhood Trouble Maker

    So things at my office have been a little crazy and I've been sneaking down there at night to pull the typical boss hijinks. You know, show up at unexpected times and start throwing a fit about irrelevant crap. :tap: So this means I leave at 8pm or 9pm or 10pm and get home... later. Factor in...
  16. Fubar

    Ruthless (this woman is devoid of any ruth)

    Guy is dealing with stage 4 cancer and his 'wife' starts giving up the goodies to an old fat dude. Women, WTF? Seriously, W.T.F? Video at 11 (okay how about right now) CEMA4Xas7lY I think I'll send him an email, that I'd post his bond if it happened again. I mean, I know the guy is a runt...
  17. Fubar

    SC Belts

    Replacing a whipple supplied belt for the 4.0l. I thought someone said that Whipple actually cut down a 12rib belt to 10rib for this application, can anybody confirm that shadowy memory I have in the back of my head. Also, I have heard good things about Gates Green belt on another forum. Any...
  18. Fubar

    New Heat Shields

    Wow... these things are crazy. Inconel shielding for the entire exhaust. I can reach down and put my palm on the frame 3 inches from the header it's pleasantly warm... after 45 minutes of abuse on the highway. Before these heat shield were installed, I could easily singe my eyebrows if I opened...
  19. Fubar

    Christmas Lights

    I put mine up this weekend. How about you?
  20. Fubar

    New Engine Codes

    I'm not what is causing this. Obviously a problem with the coils but it didn't surface before the mile. I noticed yesterday on a hard pull that the car went flat in 4th gear. I reproduced the problem, looking closely at the gauges. Here is what I noticed at the point or just after the engine...