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  1. Fubar

    Cool Shirt Systems?

    Anybody familiar with these systems? I have been looking around on google but it seems like the options are endless and the prices are… nuts! I may just freeze my underwear and call it a day. I figured there would be several members here who have explored these options. Thanks
  2. Fubar

    Engine Diagram

    Does anybody have an engine diagram for our 5.4L? I can find lots of parts diagrams but I need the spacing, depth and angle of the cylinders. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Fubar

    Ford High Performance Driving School

    I bought a few days with the Ford Driving School at Miller Motorsport Park. The 2-Day class is scheduled to begin April 10th. My father was involved in a plane accident yesterday. He is going to be ok but definitely looking at a few more days in the hospital. I'd like to be around to take care...
  4. Fubar

    4.0L Whipple

    I have a gently used 4.0L that has served me well that I would like to sell. This may not be the best sales attic but I know Whipple is working on a 4.5L that would meet my needs better. The 4.0L teeters on the brink of a stock GT motor/fuel system capability. If you are looking to push the...
  5. Fubar

    Ford GT Stencil

    Does anybody have a hookup on a Ford GT stencil for painting? I want to put the logo on a NOS bottle. I can have one made but I figured I'd ask here first (same request for a Gulf Oil logo).
  6. Fubar

    Overdrive Pulley

    I was thinking about adding a slightly larger pulley to the main crank. I don’t want to down size the supercharger pulley for more boost, plus I think I may be seeing some belt slip at current levels. I thought this might be a good fix with minimal hardware changes. Has anybody tried this, any...
  7. Fubar

    Gulf Revelry

    For those of you lucky few with a Heritage GT, here is a goodie you NEED is you ever plan to approach McQueen coolness.
  8. Fubar

    Balanced Camshaft?

    Has anyone done this on any cars? I realize there is no downside but I am looking for proven results before I write the check.
  9. Fubar

    The D

    I don’t usually like the Youtube sob stories but this one is worth the time. Detroit sucks… sorry Dave. BACnPBdsH20
  10. Fubar

    3 Gallons of Holliday Happiness

    Whipple came out with a new supercharger for 2000 to 8000hp application. !!!WIN!!! myM7xmrkSzA
  11. Fubar

    GT Paraphernalia

    Just and FYI, my local Ford dealer had a few of these lying around so he gave them to me. I suspect you guys can get the same accommodation if you ask nice or buy the parts guys lunch.
  12. Fubar

    MV Agusta

    Traded my other bikes for this little jewel. 2010 Brutale with the Cannonball engine kit. It's probably a good time to take out a life insurance policy on me.
  13. Fubar

    Stillen Racing Clutch

    I am going to bump the power on my GT up to high to use this clutch anymore. It’s in good condition now and never gave me any problems. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to put new plates in it while it’s out but not necessary IMHO. This is the stage 2 clutch. I will sell it "as is" for $1,500. I’ll...
  14. Fubar

    Ford GT - Chevy Transmission

    Did you know that the Ricardo Transaxle has a chevy ‘fine spline’ shaft? Or at least it is a perfect match for it. I was surprised to find that out when sizing up the hub for a new clutch. psst - Don’t tell the guys on the corvette forum. You know how they are.
  15. Fubar

    Fubar's GT Build

    I'm just going to start putting everything into one huge cluster-cuss of a thread. (And because Syco GT completely hijacked my last attempt - which he is welcome to do again with more revealing material). John at Accufab has the motor. He is doing his usual badass motor build job. I asked him...
  16. Fubar


    Matech racing model, to bad it’s only 1:43
  17. Fubar

    Same Car? Just wondering?
  18. Fubar


    I'm not sure f these have been posted. I found it on another forum I frequent. I dig the wheels.
  19. Fubar

    WTB Motorcycle

    Looking to buy a bike with a sidecar. It looks like my most likely candidate is the Ural but I’m open to suggestions. I figured someone here might have one for sale or know someone who does. Cheers MM
  20. Fubar

    CF Race Wing

    Who makes them and what do they cost? pros/cons on each?