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  1. Fubar

    Super Secret Squirrel Code

    Does anybody remember the procedure that reset the ecu and ummm, the starter. I know this is vague but I remember starting my GT for the first time, after is long engine build... we had everything connected correctly but it wouldn’t start. Someone mentioned a procedure that would reset...
  2. Fubar

    Oil Filter Problem?

    I've been waiting for John or somebody over at Accufab to talk about ther new product but I guess they are just shy. This isn't meant to be a plug for John as much as a word of caution to the community. First this has not happened to me or anyone I know of... but I heard that John at Accufab...
  3. Fubar

    Resting Your Hand on the Shifter

    I am surprised I never heard this before (and/or never really thought about it) but it is a very bad idea to rest your hand on the shifter. It partially engages the synchronizers and causes the fork pads (I don't know what they are) to wear out prematurely, as well as the synchronizer and gear...
  4. Fubar

    Nitto Battle of the Streets: Los Angeles

    Somebody asked me about this race today and didn't know what to tell them. Has anybody here heard about it? 860hp GT vs 650hp McLaren... who's GT? Why no trophy?
  5. Fubar

    My next Supercar.

    As soon as I get done with the GT. I'm going to start saving my pennies for this:
  6. Fubar

    Gulf Clothing

    I'm not sure if its been posted here but there is some cool Gulf stuff on this site, albeit over priced. I like the dress shirts. It more for the Porsche crowd but what the hey!
  7. Fubar

    Castrol SRF - $40 Liter

    I found a deal on some SRF if any of you guys are interested. I have to order by the case but would be happy to break out a couple of bottle for anybody here. $40 per liter plus whatever shipping is from Dallas to you. Shoot me an email if you want some.
  8. Fubar

    200mph on the Tollway

    B-gzNi6MRwI So does mean that they are testing the EZ Tag's ability to capture speed? Nobody really clarified that :confused Oh, some Corvette thinks it went fast or something. :shrug
  9. Fubar

    FS: GT Guys Intake Kit - New

    I meant to post this item up a while back but forgot. This is a brand new, high flow intake system for a stock or Whipple super-charged Ford GT. I believe the GT Guys tested it and it showed a 35hp gain on a stock super-charger with a pulley upgrade. I'm sure more can be expected with a Whipple...
  10. Fubar


    I need some help catching this dirtbag. He is know for being social media hag, so if you see a picture that looks like him, forward it to me. It may be him using a different alias. Jump on my business Facebook page. Share it if you are so inclined. I...
  11. Fubar

    1/2 Mile Speed Event - Clayton, GA

    I got a call yesterday from a guy who claimed he was a regional promotion rep for Ford Motor Company. I have no reason to doubt that but I don't know him personally. He asked me to get the word out to the GT community about a 1/2 mile event in his area. He said one stock GT showed up last year...
  12. Fubar

    Funny vid

    I got this off another forum but thought you guys might enjoy it. I immedately downloaded the software and made my kids say their pledge of allegiance. My wife is still in the kitchen crying. :)
  13. Fubar

    Dyno for Sale

    I have a friend who is trying to sell a Dyno machine. He recently bought it for a shop but the shop doesn’t really need it. He has decided he’s rather have the extra space and cash. It is an all wheel drive dyno, capable of spinning up to 240mph. The machine is practically new. It lists (with...
  14. Fubar

    Wanted: Brake Master cylinder & Booster Canister

    I need a brake booster canister and master brake cylinder for my GT. The master cylinder has been leaking a little bit and the the fluid has done a number on the booster canister. I'd rather not buy a new one (unless they are cheaper than I expect... Torrie?). Anybody got some spare parts laying...
  15. Fubar

    Aston Martin - thought

    Looking at a used 2012 V8 Vantage. Looks like a car that takes a huge hit off the lot but then it gets pretty reasonable depreciation. Anybody have experience with the badge? Spossedly the new 4.7L motor is a Ford design, so I would think its solid :) yearly maintance seems a bit high but there...
  16. Fubar

    Wheel Dimensions

    Does anybody know the wheel dimensions and offset measurements for the stock wheels? I thought that was on here somewhere but I couldn’t dig it up.
  17. Fubar

    Carbon Fiber Dash

    I am going to have at least one more carbon fiber dash cut for the GT. They run $650. There are no holes for the gauges but there are holes cut for the odometer, engine lights and turn signals. This is because so many folks were asking for different size speedos and some people wanted a MoTeC...
  18. Fubar

    Car Accident (Graphic)

    Here is a really good reason to not be an idiot today. Pull off the road! It is not my policy to be amused at other peoples pain but to much rush hour traffic (in a fast car) this week has me tweaked at f***ers in the middle of the road for no good reason. Sadly this made me laugh a little...
  19. Fubar

    Ford GT90

    Anybody know what happened to this car at the auction? Does Ray own it now? :rofl
  20. Fubar


    If you didn’t know, I mysteriously found a deal on an SLS. So for the foreseeable future, this is my DD. Sorry ‘bout the ****ty video but you guys need to hear this car. It’s seven layers of badass with a candy flavored ****-you icing that makes it super fun to cut loose on unsuspecting stock...