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  1. B. West

    Cyber Monday Sale - BBS FI-R Wheels

    Like me, I'm sure many of you have seen the BBS FI-R wheels on Shmee's car as well as a couple of other GT's here on the forum i.e. D06GT19GT in the thread ( These wheels look great and from a...
  2. B. West

    2005 Ford GT for Sale

    Hi! It is with great reluctance that I am posting for sale, my 2005 Ford GT. This car has been amazing to own and I have enjoyed every moment of ownership. I won't go into great detail about the purchase as it is in my previous posts but it was a process and I couldn't be more thrilled to own...
  3. B. West

    Ford Dealer Purchased NGT Service Program JimGlow Trailer for Sale

    Hi! I wanted to post an opportunity for someone who may be interested in a NFGT JimGlow trailer that a Ford dealer was required to purchase as a Servicing Dealer for the New GT. This trailer has been used a total of 3 times. it is virtually new. I have seen it personally and it is in...
  4. B. West

    Coolant Flush

    Can anyone tell me the proper procedure to do a coolant flush as well as when it should be done (time/milage)? Also, is the the coolant corrosive if some spills inside the engine bay? Thank you in advance.
  5. B. West

    Ford GT: Old vs. New

    The new GT was at the office today in the design center and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph my '05 GT with the New GT. It's really amazing to see the silhouettes in person. Hopefully, the iphone did them justice showing the similarities and differences. Enjoy!!
  6. B. West

    Who's Quick Silver no stripe spotted on 405 N.

    Whose Quick Silver no stripe spotted on 405 N. I saw a Quick Silver no stripe traveling north on the 405 via flatbet in Irvine this afternoon. Anyone on here expecting a special delivery, Easter gift, or early father's day present? It looked really nice and certainly caught my...
  7. B. West

    Rear diffuserfin repair

    Rear diffuser fin repair Ok.....I know this has come up on other threads but I wanted to give you a first hand experience. When I purchased my FGT, the previous owner had backed into a curb and damaged the rear fins. The center left fin was the most damaged and most noticeable (sorry no...
  8. B. West

    Total disrespect......

    I know many of you have similar stories but this weekend, I have unfortunately joined the ranks of FGT owners who have experienced a total lack of respect for these cars and people's property in general. I tookmy car out for a quick spin around Irvine. I drove through a pretty high end...
  9. B. West

    Installing FRPP muffler

    Any advice on who can install a Ford Racing muffler in the OC? Is it something I could do myself? I can take it to any of my dealers but I think installation involves removing the clambshell. A little concerned about that. I also read where some have cut the tips off of the stock muffler to...
  10. B. West

    Does this brochure have any value?

    Someone I met offered to sell me this brochure. Does it have any value? How much is it worth?
  11. B. West

    Seat Covers

    Never got a clear answer on where to get GT seat covers. I particularly like the seat covers bsmooth made. Does anyone have his contact info? If not, does anyone know where a set of the factory seat covers can be purchased? B. West
  12. B. West

    2003 Dealer Intro Show- My first time seeing the FGT in person

    This was my first time seeing the FGT in person at the 2003 Dealer Intro Show. Just goes to show that patience is a virtue....
  13. B. West

    What a sight..........

    I was visiting one of my dealers (a very large dealer in the LA area) and he invited me to go out to the the garage. Not sure what he was going to show me, I was thinking some really nice trade or other highly collectible automobile, we walked to the end of the garage. What did I see? 6...
  14. B. West

    The world's greatest sport coupes..... This may have been posted already. If so, I apologize for the duplication.
  15. B. West

    Reverse Sensing??

    I didn't know GT's came with reverse sensing? Any ideas on this?
  16. B. West

    GT at the Lamborghini Newport Beach Car show.....

    I took the GT out to the Lamborghini Newport Beach car show this past weekend. The GT was the only domestic Supercar there. In a sea of Lambos, McClarens, and Ferrari's, the GT all but stole the show with the exception of a newly delivered P1. That car is utterly ridiculous!! I couldn't...
  17. B. West

    Some GT artwork I had made

    The engine bay and nose of the vehicle were photos I had enlarged to 3'x6' in high gloss with a foam backer. The Centennial poster was framed with the Cert of Authenticity and brochure covers. All turned out pretty good.
  18. B. West

    Removable overhead storage compartment

    Any thoughts about an overhead storage/luggage compartment like the one on the Koenigsegg or the Bugatti? Has anyone seen or done any renderings/cad drawings? Just curious as I am seeing more photos of high performance touring attachments. Just wondering........
  19. B. West

    Ford GT Centennial Poster - Collectible Limited production

    This poster is pretty rare and highly collectible. If you have a blue GT, this is a must have. The numbers are very limited so don't wait too long to grab yours...
  20. B. West

    What parts make sense to buy and hold?

    As the number of GT's becomes fewer each year and the OEM parts become more scarce, what parts make sense to buy and hold for my personal car? you think there will ever be a real shortage of parts available at a reasonable price? I know we have experienced some steep price increases on...