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  1. Xcentric

    Harry's Garage drives a 2005

  2. Xcentric

    Who is thinking about another Texas GT Roundup?

    We're halfway through another year and other than a single hint months ago about a national rally, there is no sign that it will happen. The Roundup in 2016 was a world-class event. Epic drives, scenery, food, and, best of all, epic people. Here's how it works. You guys in Texas do all the...
  3. Xcentric

    Source for TRUNK lid gas struts?

    Mine are dead. Out of gas. Trunk lid will not stay open. The Ford part 4G7V-16C826-AA (or newer part 5G7Z-16C826-A) is discontinued, without a replacement part. The nomenclature on the strut is: Suspa Liftline TYP16-1 01612266A 200N 18/06 I have scoured all the suppliers I could find...
  4. Xcentric

    Coolant Drain

    I've always paid somebody to do all of the fluid changes. This time I decided to do it myself. Shout outs to @Sinovac, @Howard, and @thegtguy for their advice and friendship. You start by removing countless belly pan and air dam/splitter screws, and breaking two splitter push pins. T27 and 8mm...
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    Suggestion: Color of hyperlinked text

    Can this be changed to RED? The BLUE is hard to see.
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    Am I now a moderator?

    Very risky if true! An edit check box appears on some threads. I can click "Choose action," which gives me options to delete, lock, move, etc. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm ready to have some fun.
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    "New Threads" and "New Posts"...

    ...returning "No results found." Stopped working yesterday. "What's new" works.
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    On this date (Feb 18) in 2014...

    ...Rally 9 was announced on this forum. (Clinically, this is very mild passive aggressive behavior)
  9. Xcentric

    Exotic Car Festival, Bradenton FL, 2/23/19

    Five GTs registered so far. We would like more. Or any cool car. All proceeds go to charity.
  10. Xcentric

    Sarasota Cafe Racers GTs turn out for a visit by Chris Theodore

    It was gridlock and a packed house for MartynL's Sarasota Cafe Racers/Car Guys Who Lunch lunch today, with special guest Chris Theodore. Photos 1 and 2: L-R Chris Theodore, Martyn Schorr, Jim Padilla Photo 3: Howard Walker (Automotive journalist and photographer), Jason Heffner (Heffner...
  11. Xcentric

    Anyone have a new OEM clutch assembly to loan?

    Apparently, the Ford dealer parts supply system is out of clutch assemblies due to a supplier problem. On back order. Does anyone have a spare they would be willing to ship and have replaced when the supply system catches up? Or sell outright? I'm asking for my Ford dealer. Not my car. :lol...
  12. Xcentric

    Saltwater Bugatti Veyron for sale

    Andy House, who ran a Bugatti Veyron into a lake, then went to prison for insurance fraud, then sold the car, which then changed hands a few times in a state of partial disassembly, is now trying to sell the same car for the current owner. Follow that? That's actually the simplified story. :lol...
  13. Xcentric

    GT damaged in Hurricane Michael

    From the Washington Post, Panama City FL.
  14. Xcentric

    On this day in 2012

    Rally 7. My first rally after buying my GT three months earlier. Haven't missed one since.
  15. Xcentric

    6 GTs at the St. Armands Exotic Car Show

    Sinovac, andymlow, MartynL, Beach GT, TACHY and me. andymlow's drone pics.
  16. Xcentric

    CP4 at auction with no reserve

    A Sarasota FL car for several years, CP4 will find a new home. I understand this was McGowan's favorite. The article headline is misleading...there were several confirmation prototypes to test various systems, but there is only one "CP4," which had a very hard life testing chassis dynamics...
  17. Xcentric

    Sarasota Exotic Car Festival, 9/29/2018

    Registration: All proceeds to charity.
  18. Xcentric

    A friend's Pantera in Hot Rod Mag

    Richard Prince did a photoshoot of my friend Marty Quadland's '72 Pantera with Coyote Aluminator power. Prince's article was just published. Photography was in Sarasota. Rolling shots (with me driving Prince's van and him hanging out the side door and standing through the roof) at dawn on the...
  19. Xcentric

    Red, red and red

    Had my AR 4C at the film guy for full PPF. His shop was full of the fastest color today. The GT is an '05 with 1k miles. Bone stock. Still on the original Goodyears. The Cayman is an R. Three relatively rare cars. Porsche doesn't release numbers, but probably fewer than 2,000 Cayman Rs (?)...