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  1. FM99

    What would you do if these were YOUR kids?

    I hope the cops can use the pictures to get the little b@@@@@ds.
  2. FM99

    GT Guys in SE Wisconsin

    I would be interested, but the date would be critical.
  3. FM99

    Farewell Endeavor

    There won't be any under the current administration.
  4. FM99

    Somali Pirate Justice.

    Perhaps this could be an opportunity for a "friendly" competition between our seals, Russian commandos, and anyone else who would like to join. Points could be awarded for pirate ships captured and destroyed, friendly ships captured by pirates and freed, and pirates eliminated.
  5. FM99

    Neat Ford Video

    I have a 1914 Motel T Touring in the garage next to the GT. Great fun to drive (when it is dry).
  6. FM99

    URGENT! Any Veterinarians on the forum?

    So sorry about your loss. I lost my wolf three years ago and I still miss him every day.
  7. FM99

    URGENT! Any Veterinarians on the forum?

    HHGT - Hope your friend is doing better. I thought this might be of interest THINGS WE CAN LEARN FROM A DOG Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride. Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy... When loved ones come home, always run to greet them...
  8. FM99

    URGENT! Any Veterinarians on the forum?

    As the father of a veterinarian, and former companion to several German shepherds and a timber wolf, I can understand some folks problems with local vets. Kind of like problems with some local M.D.s. However, the advice to seek specalists is excellent. I do not know your area, but you should...
  9. FM99

    Top Three (Classic) Thrill/Investment Cars You Hunger For

    I am not much for following rules and I never have considered an automobile as an investment, it would take the fun out of owning and using them. So, here are cars: Cruising 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible (problem-would need police escort to make left turns in many cities. Might require CL...
  10. FM99

    Liz Taylor: 1932 - 2011

    She was my first heart throb when I saw her playing Rebeca (sp) in Ivanhoe. Sad. RIP
  11. FM99

    GT general information

    I have the following SAE reports in PDF format. I do not know if they are still downloadable from the site, but I would be happy to e-mail a copy to anyone. Just send me a PM. SAE Technical 2004-01-1252 - 2005 Ford GT Power train - Supercharged Supercar SAE Technical 2004-01-1257 - 2005 Ford...
  12. FM99

    GT general information

    Thanks for posting this. Great addition to my library.
  13. FM99

    Toyota Accelerator Problem

    I agree. I cannot imagine how a floor mat can cause acceleration without some input to the peddle. I once had the accelerator stick on my Dad's thunderbird when I floored it. The peddle stuck under the seam at the top of the carpet. I reached down and pulled it back and all was well...
  14. FM99

    Toyota Accelerator Problem

    from the Seattle Times WASHINGTON -- There is no evidence that unintended accelerations in Toyota vehicles were caused by electronic flaws, the Transportation Department said Tuesday. The agency reached the conclusion after a 10-month investigation that said the mechanical causes were the same...
  15. FM99

    A Piccola in Paradise

    Dear Ralphie - I believe you but where are the pictures?
  16. FM99

    The Real Charlie Brown

    Wars are waged between nations but fought by individuals.
  17. FM99

    Ford Gt in commercial

    Stunts - I came to UNI in 1973. I had the two captains of the track team as students and majors in the department quite a while ago. One was Arny Doden, a shot putter, and the other I cannot remember his name. He was a tall sprinter. But, I think they were before you. We had an All American...
  18. FM99

    Ford Gt in commercial

    Uni Dear Stunts - When did you graduate and what was your major. I am a professor at U.N.I.
  19. FM99

    Double Your Social Security Benefits

    SS is a ponzi scheme that cannot work in the long run. (Almost all ponzi schemes work in the short term). G.W. had the right idea - "privatize" the holdings so that the politicians cannot get hold of it. If my current crop of students is any indication of the general "youth", then delayed...