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  1. Jazz76

    Macintosh Audio

    no sound from center speaker I have no sound coming from center speaker. Is there an adjustment somewhere? All I can find is left / right balance. I have the Mac. Hubert
  2. Jazz76

    Any former Pantera owners here?

    no comparison As former owner of a 72 and 73 I can say that with the GT there is no comparison. No cockpit heat coming thru consol and rear glass. Yes with stock Pantera mufflers, the Pantera is much louder. GT, totally different in every way for the better. Here is pic of my old 73 money...
  3. Jazz76

    06 Heritage in Architectural Digest

    Just received my copy of Architectural Digest, May 06, hastily flipped thru it and set it down. Few moments later my wife excitedly told my that the Heritage was in the magazine with picture. There it was in a section Great Design Around the World. WOW, in the company with Louis I. Kahn...
  4. Jazz76

    finally hooked up ipod to mcintosh

    Thanks will try Never thought of that will try thanks, only 300 miles on it and still taking it all in.
  5. Jazz76

    finally hooked up ipod to mcintosh

    No sound from sub Was listening to a CD and when the volume is up, I really do not hear anything from the big sub woofer is there a switch or setting. Hubert
  6. Jazz76

    New member

    15 years and 100k later Purchased the car in 1991, and restored for street/track 550hp@6500 torque was 481 @ 5000. It was the feature car in the milenium issue 30 year anniversary of Pantera International. Call me crazy to spend that, plus the car :willy Here are pics of the 73 Blue Pantera...
  7. Jazz76

    New member

    New member / Traded in my 73 Pantera Bought my GT a few weeks ago and absolutely pleased in every way, first ride is like cheating on your wife. Traded in my 73 Pantera, thought I would miss her,.. No way. Went to a local Pantera meet a week ago and to my surprise three other Pantera members...
  8. Jazz76

    Placing Numbers on Heritage Edition

    Relax the numbers breath and settle New Heritage owner I have placed the numbers as well, but prior to doing this I did a search on application of lettering on autos. There are a number of sites that offer tips on this. Main thing is not to try and work stubborn bubbles out as you may stretch...