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  1. Jazz76

    Notification date for latest application

    After staring at the computer for quite some time in disbelief, happy to say that I have been accepted. Now I don't have to change my wife's Ford tattooed crown.
  2. Jazz76

    Are You the Original Owner for 10 years - The Decade Club

    10 years March 2006, with over 10,000 mi on my Heritage.
  3. Jazz76

    Ocean City, NJ Cars & Coffee

    Finally something in our neck of the woods, I will try to make it. I have a second home in Atlantic City.
  4. Jazz76

    A few Misc Gt parts

    PM sent
  5. Jazz76

    Hello Shadowman... I'm buying the bare top vent from Petunia and would like to have them shipped...

    Hello Shadowman... I'm buying the bare top vent from Petunia and would like to have them shipped to you for painting Orange Heritage send, details (i.e. payment, address, etc.) Thanks,Hubert
  6. Jazz76

    Thoroughly Unremarkable.

    Put me on that list for top and side vents please. Thanks Hubert
  7. Jazz76

    Ford Carlisle Event Gt Style!!!!

    GT Joey Thanks for the hospitality a great event, will plan ahead to be there next year. I had to skip out early as I found a mint 1965 mustang which I bought on the spot. Identical to my very first car in 1976, Black with red interior. Which I totaled by taking out a traffic signal at Main and...
  8. Jazz76

    Ford Carlisle Event Gt Style!!!!

    My husband hubert has a GT heritage and decided tonight that he wants to go to Carlisle. I saw other owners with multiple cars. We have a ford shelby as well and he was wondering if it was entered would it be able to stay close to the GT's? Do you still need a GT heritage for photos?
  9. Jazz76

    Why the Warp Questionaire

    Warp Top Vents (Yes / No):no Warp Side Vents (Yes / No):no Year: 2006 Exhaust: IDA Exhaust Wrapped (Yes / No): yes Transaxle Cooler (Yes / No / Ford / Aftermarket): yes Geographic Location: PA Miles: 4000 Stock Motor: no Pulley / Tune:yes Whipple: yes Turbo: no Engine Run Warm /...
  10. Jazz76

    Auto lift

    I have the 36" light weight aluminum ramps and they work great. The jack tray is for placing a separate jack on it, which can be a tight fit. The rolling jack is low profile, works on compressed air and the GT will clear it. I leave it on all the time. Here is the link...
  11. Jazz76

    Auto lift

    Hd-9 I just installed the HD-9 and have the rolling jack as well, considering getting another rolling jack to have all four off the floor. I too was concerned about the Chines made ones. Hubert
  12. Jazz76

    Accufab exhaust, tune, & pully warped my vents.

    I had Bob Ida installed his exhaust system and had them wrapped. One thing I noticed is that his system was angled toward the rear grill away from the air box and vent. He also did a cool air mod by blocking the engine bay air inlets and removing inner clamshell baffles. 100% cool air intake...
  13. Jazz76

    Heritage spotted at Mont Hope, NJ car show

    Yeah, that was me. It was a last minute decision after many, many martinis the night before. I had a catered party with a live band for some car nuts and other friends. One of my Pantera buddies talked me into going. I was surprised at how many people, including Ferrari owners, were in complete...
  14. Jazz76

    Feelin good about the site? Please read...

    Just bought the 30 year plan, I think that's when I'm really going to need this site, just kidding this site was really helpful in getting my mods done right the first time. Wipple, short shift, Ida exhaust, exhaust wrapped, clamshell inlets modified for cool air only, and hooking me up with...
  15. Jazz76

    What did Ford gain by building the FGT?

    Ford won me over with the GT , would have never bought a Shelby GT. Now my wife has a new Shelby GT (automatic) grocery getter.
  16. Jazz76

    Has Anyone Clear Bra'ed Their Heritage?

    I cleared my Heritage, and cut the film on both sides of the black tape, for both reasons. One, not to have air gap on either side and second to be able to remove, replace without fear of lifting the black pinstripe. I left about a 1mm gap and you have to look real close to notice it. Hubert
  17. Jazz76

    GTGuy Confirmed for New York Tri-State Area

    All in The wait is over, sign me up with all the goods. Need to find a whipple, trailer, short shift, exhaust, half shaft bolts, trans cooler............. Hubert
  18. Jazz76

    Ford GT Heritage 1:18?

    The Beanstalk Group makes a 1/18 scale Heritage.
  19. Jazz76

    Scratched seat back

    My 06 Heritage was delivered in March and just noticed that the back of the passenger seat was scratched up. Upon further examination noticed that there was some type of glue they tried to sand off and or buff, the dealer wants to apply some sort of finish to this. Anyone have any experience...