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    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    What would be the top speeds in 5th and 6th gear for a stock car or one mit pulley/tune exhaust ?
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    Electric cars and the impact on the environment

    Ist is really interesting how many different Models there are now. Polestar, Porsche, VW, Tesla and more. For me the Polestar looks quite good, high quality interior, maybe a bit heavy. The taycan a bit too big and expensive, the Model S in serious need of a refresh and much higher interior...
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    Matech GT3

    Very good video, loved it. The presentation was on a pro level, very understandable, good camera, audio etc. And to compare with an empty shell really allows to understand the differences that cannot be seen on a track ready car. Thanks for posting, hope to see more videos from you.
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    2019 Carbon Series mileage milestone

    You guys in California have all da fun !
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    Could there one a successor to the GT?

    Getting hot in there. Is the driver gonna see something through the windows or relying on displays instead ? Don‘t get me wrong, good looking, but I don‘t bet anything seeing this thing on sale.
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    Why do this?

    You spoilt it :cry:
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    Why do this?

    And here it is, bang for the buck :unsure: Mansory for sale
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    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    Looking good, love it :cool:
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    Why do this?

    One may like it or not (I certainly do not) but obviously there is a market and mansory builds and delivers for it. Let’s hope there are other encouraging Ford GT news out there so we can forget about that soon.
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    updating standard radio to newer unit with aux in and bluetooth

    Porsche Classic has newer Single DIN technology units including navigation.
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    I know I am late to the Party but yesterday I finally managed to see the movie and what to say, I really loved it. Very good made movie for the big audience. I loved the pulling/pushing/Wrestling around having control of the whole endevaour, christian bale and matt damon as main actors did...
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    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    Glad that you feel better now after going through this. Thank you for sharing. Hope that you‘re back at 100% as soon as possible.
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    Recardo transaxle repairs.

    That‘s really great news. Can we get some more infos on Alternative ratios please ?
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    Cannot be unseen :cry:
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    2020 - It's on

    Could the new year start any better ? Congrats, she‘s a beauty. Sure you‘ll enjoy every mile.
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    27 LITRES....

    Epic build, big guts to accomplish a project like this, when you cannot expect any expert to fix those nasty details noone has experienced yet. seriously looking forward to all updates.
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    EV cars, is the future there ? Porsche rocks the Ring with the Taycan

    A friend of mine working at the design department at BMW once told me „don‘t fall in love with a concept car“ ;) when seeing the concept I was sure, the suicide doors (missing b cellar) wouldn‘t make it for safety reasons. I agree with your comments. I find the price a bit over the top, but hey...