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  1. viva gt

    looking for a new ATV?? JUST AMAZING
  2. viva gt

    new whipple

    picture of my new whipple at a local ford show. thanks to frank for the nice chrome caps.
  3. viva gt

    Whipped whiplash

    Got my new whipple from Jason installed. Holy crap, I have a wicket new toy. 3rd gear at rpm went over a sharp knoll, under power, at mph and had wheels spin. This thing scared the crap out of my passanger (who owns a zr1) as well as me. I fn' love my new toy. Yee ha
  4. viva gt

    Gt oil and coolent caps from ford racing

    doing some performance and cosmetic mods to the gt and was interested in the caps from ford racing. the ones that look like polished aluminum or chrome. they don't seem to be available anymore. can anyone here point me in the right direction? thanks in advance
  5. viva gt

    spectator at texas mile fall 2011

    we are planning on attending (as spectators) the texas mile in oct 2011 with my brother, my daughter and our wives (they will shop while we watch). we plan on staying around san antonio to take in some of the sights. any suggestions on hotels to stay at (south end so we are closer to...
  6. viva gt

    squeaky brakes

    need some help to fix a irritating squeal in my brakes. this has been going on for awhile now. i was told that it would go away after time, it hasn't and it's really driving me nuts. when the brakes are warm and i softly apply the brakes it creates a loud squeal. this does not happen if i press...
  7. viva gt

    head over rear wheel

    lmao, on my way to a "ford" only meet in beaverton ontario, (which my fgt had its own, unknown to me, special prearranged parking spot --- way cool) well, i was driving down the road from my house and while approaching a side road that intersected the road i was going to turn on, there was a...
  8. viva gt

    this girl got talent

    not related to cars but WOW. it's a little long but worth it
  9. viva gt

    need a new toy

    sold my 1966 shelby gt 350 clone last week. looking for something to replace it. went for a drive in a 2008 viper. i found it very raw and rough. is this normal with these cars? if so, i will have to look at something else. wife wants to get an automatic challenger srt8 392 (white with blue...
  10. viva gt

    Ontario drive clean program

    for all fellow car owners in Ontario Canada. Ontario has changed the rules for the e test requirement registration renewal starting sept 1 2011, the requirement for an emission test applies to vehicles 1988 and newer, up to 7 model years old. To determine which model years are included in the...
  11. viva gt

    what a day

    had a terrible day today. my home air compressor check valve failed when i went to use it. pool guy opened the pool and dropped half the leaves, and a snapping turtle, from the cover into the pool and left it for me to take care of. yeah, that would also include a snapping turtle. found two...
  12. viva gt

    2011 5.0L/ 66 mustang

    has anyone seen or heard of the new 2011 5.0L being placed in a 1965/66 mustang. if so, what has to be done in the engine bay to except this engine? IE, remove shock towers, taller hood.....???? will the shifter be in the same place??? i have a 1966 fastback gt350 clone that i am thinking...
  13. viva gt

    Winter tires for a heritage

    well, the story goes as follows. this all happened in Feb of this year. a guy here in Toronto had to have his heritage emission tested to get his sticker. he decided to drive his car 30 min to a ford dealer to have the test performed. for some reason on that day the test could not be done, so he...
  14. viva gt

    halton hills fgt sighting

    last summer/fall i was out for a drive. during the return drive home i saw something that shocked me. i saw a red fgt coming towards me. my first thought was that someone had my car. insert hair standing up on back of neck. but that couldn't be, because i was driving mine. very rare sight in...
  15. viva gt

    san diego hotels

    hey, can anyone in the San Diego area recommend a hotel at the beach for an overnight stay. my daughter and i are flying in to San Diego, then the next day, going to LA for a day or two, then to Yuma for a few days to visit my dad. any help would be greatly appreciated. btw, is there anything...
  16. viva gt

    ford gt gloves

    does anyone know were to get the ford gt gloves. looks like fords website has only small and med left in stock. i'm looking for large or xlarge (not sure on the fit) thanks