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  1. Chris A.

    Gas smell when driving uphill

    Anyone experience this, or find a remedy for it? Took my car on a lengthy ride over the weekend. No smell when driving on a flat highway. Some smell when in the twisties, noticeable smell when going uphill. This happened regardless if the tank was full or almost empty.
  2. Chris A.

    Norton Commando Transformer

    So I'm restoring my '68 Norton Fastback the process I'm googling everything under the sun. I came across this and thought it was pretty clever, thought I'd share it.
  3. Chris A.

    A sad day for print

    Encyclopaedia Britannica is going out of print I think I'll order the final set for my 2 year old son.
  4. Chris A.

    Paging all you nut-jobs

    Hows this to help you sleep at night!
  5. Chris A.

    Nanobots in Formation

    Neat to look at!
  6. Chris A.

    The Modern Unicycle

    Who's getting one?! I can't see how you can avoid a face-plant.:ack
  7. Chris A.

    Carlsberg Commercial

    It’s a guerrilla campaign that is secretly filmed and features a cinema full of burly scary looking men with the only 2 seats in the place being sold to unsuspecting couples. As you’ll see from the video below most of the people who walk in pick up on the intimidating atmosphere and leave...
  8. Chris A.

    Unique Lift Set-up

    I know there have been many threads about lifts but I haven’t seen anything regarding this lift system in particular. I have a few 4 post lifts at my shop and I’m not too thrilled with the access. I’m planning on a new shop for my home and want to get it right. This 2 post system offers...
  9. Chris A.

    Happy B-Day Mr. Shadowman

    I bet you're one of those guys that doesn't like Happy Birthday being sang to you at a restaurant:lol But......Happy Birthday to friend
  10. Chris A.

    Kill the car!

    Its good to be a hillbilly sometimes:thumbsup
  11. Chris A.

    New BugAudi

    New Bugatti based on the Audi A8....looks comfy.....something tells me they won't want my A8 as a trade-in
  12. Chris A.

    Ford Vintage SOHC

    I went to pick up a set of Borrani's for my Maserati today and wound up meeting a very interesting Ford enthusiast who owns the shop they were located at, Mr. Randy Ritchey. The below will explain in better detail a major project that he's been working on for the past 15 years in his Fathers...
  13. Chris A.

    1967 Jaguar Pirana

    Looking for something unique?.....for $150K'ish. The Pirana was a Bertone styling exercise on an E-Type 2+2 chassis.....only one made
  14. Chris A.


    Everyone at the rally buy her a drink....then take pictures:biggrin Happy Birthday my friend
  15. Chris A.

    Asleep At The Wheel?

    Hope no one was in the passenger’s seat:eek:ack
  16. Chris A.

    458 Officially recalled I still want one:biggrin
  17. Chris A.

    Possible tire solution - Camber built-in

    Repost apparently:biggrin
  18. Chris A.

    Entry level GT

  19. Chris A.

    5 Mil Lawsuit

    This tragedy happened on Christmas Eve....Some of you might remember the posts.......maybe money will make them feel better:ack