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    soon to be a 2006 GT owner

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    That's one way to do it

    Could I hire you to make a video for me? (Very nicely done!!)
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    reason why you can't leave the new GT in track mode while not running?

    Obviously not knowing this specific hydraulic system, and not owning a NGT (but very hopeful!) - it seems conceptually possible to use the accumulator to keep pressure to the lowering system. If/when the pressure gradually bleeds off, the car would slowly rise back up to its normal resting...
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    An Oldie but a goody.

    Awesome! Just bought one at ebay.... Thanks!
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    Historic First Event

    Maybe the ride was too ruff?
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    GT damaged in Hurricane Michael

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    Weird Car show behavior

    Minnesota Cars and Coffee. Pretty big event with lots of cars. I went for a walk to check, out other cars. Coming back to my GT.. hmmm my doors are open? Came up to my (let me repeat "my") car, 2 kids are sitting in my car eating ice creme. I said "ok guys, you have to get out of my car...
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    My 2005 Ford GT is leaving...but some cool parts remain

    I'll take the shifter if still available. Thanks!
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    Racing a stunt plane and hanging out with jets for a great cause.

    That day sounds amazing! Would love to have been able to get the GT out on the DLH runway (10,000 feet)!
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    Racing a stunt plane and hanging out with jets for a great cause.

    All very, very cool! I gave some media rides at the Duluth air show this year in my L39. They were selling rides in a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. Looked like they were going pretty fast down the runway! Would have been fun to have the GT there...
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    Air bag canisters replaced today

    To save time, consider going through the fuel tank as a short cut, should save 40-50 hours. A cigarette lighter helps illuminates the various curves/bends....
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    Factory OEM Ford GT battery still has the JUICE!

    I've kept the original batteries - and keep them on the battery tender. My wife left the ignition turn on, and completely drained her battery. I took one of the original (charged) batteries - and tried to jumper them to her car, which just resulted in come clicking. We then jump started...
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    Battery access when battery is dead.

    I tell my wife and daughter that our house eats scissors. The GT eats retainers.....
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    GT's for sale

    There is a blue one listed with 29,860 miles......
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    Original owners, how many havenot had a/c issues?

    I wondered that myself. The axle was flinging grease out of the seal (?) and the shocks were leaking. Apparently both not re-buildable. Was at a reliable Ford Dealer I trust. They said they were seeing more of this. Our GT's are getting older?
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    Original owners, how many havenot had a/c issues?

    It always amazed me how minimal the maintenance costs have been so far. This year got a bit more pricey. AC had a leak for the first time, O-Rings on the receiver dryer (cheap) Two new rear shocks New Bridgstone tires New rear axle. Car is a 2005 with 11,000 miles $5K service.
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    Mass Inspection

    Years ago we had inspections in Minnesota. Someone did a study that determined the pollution caused by the drives to the station was far more than the few cars found out of compliance. The program was dismantled (Yay!).