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    Door lock Question

    I know! I think it shouldn't be a problem because I'd never leave my car with the keys in it other than at home... But curious
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    Door lock Question

    Pulled my 05 GT into the man cave, and after shutting down, I saw I left the passenger side window down. I opened the drivers side door (did not sit down) - turned the key on and ran up the passenger window. Took the key out, and left it in the car (secure environment). When I shut the...
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    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    So easy I was even able to do this!
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    Fuel line Safety for 2005/2006

    Thank Thanks Kendall! Ordered!
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    Ford vs. Ferrari - Film Review

    Now that is funny!
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    Dave I've have always very very much appreciated what you do for the GT community. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Le Mans. With all the pain and BS you have talked about (tip of the ice berg), know that I, and 99.99% of our family here sincerely and deeply understand and again...
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    Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

    Eddie - you just seem like a really cool guy - I wish I was in the market. This thread (and all of your accomplishments) is amazing. Thank you!
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    2020 Corvette thoughts?

    Its a lot of car for $60K.
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    New owner... long search is over!

    Careful in the rain!
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    Camilo and Jay Leno

    Nope (though this one is cool too!) The original Leno video - he described how it was an emotional purchase, etc....
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    Camilo and Jay Leno

    Great video!!! Does anyone know where Jay's original video of the GT can be found? Or does anyone have an "off site backup" they could send to me? Thanks!
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    K096 home in Minnesota

    Congrats Dan! Hope to see you and your new beautiful car this summer! Bill
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    Does this look normal to you??

    I've had luck with leaving dryer sheets in the car for long storage periods. Never had a problem since.
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    Troublesome Lincoln Question

    Roses are Red Violets are Blue Most poems rhyme But this one doesn't
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    Troublesome Lincoln Question

    Need some thoughts on how to best proceed. My wife has a 2016 Lincoln MKX. She loves it, but it is soon out of warranty. The problem is that there have been persistent electrical gremlins. This list is long and random. Many many trips to the dealership. Most recently, they were going...
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    My punch card reader never worked with an 8086....
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    Picking up new DD this afternoon!

    If it was called a GT-43.............
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    An Oldie but a goody.

    My Christmas Present! My Christmas present! My wife had it framed - will look great in the mancave!
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    Ford GT Application Deadline

    Thanks Dave! Fingers crossed!