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    FS, Tubi Style Italy exhaust with megaphone tips

    How does this sound compared to the Borla racing muffler. With the long tube headers?
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    Window Sticker and Certificate

    I don't own either of these - but I think it is cool that you are reaching out here!
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    Playboy: Models & Cars

    A pink Pantera?
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    Le Mans trip

    I too was wondering... Thanks for checking into this!
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    Market softening for FGT?

    I had mine out today. Nov 15; a GT drive in Minnesota. This doesn't happen very often!
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    Gauge Failure

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    Jay Leno's Garage - New GT 11/18

    Agree. Would love to see this again! Jay?
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    Heffner Exhaust Install

    How do these sound with the long tube headers (no cats)?
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    GT Guys Rich Bday

    Happy Birthday Rich! I had the pleasure of working with you (and Dennis) when you came to Minneapolis a couple of years ago! Enjoy!
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    Maybe there is hope for 3 pedals?

    Agree. 3 pedals are becoming rare because the market doesn't want them. I'd pay extra for a car with 3 pedals - but we are in the minority.
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    Rear Bumper Delete H pipe options?

    Hey Jason. Nows the time for the long tube headers!
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    Anyone interested in a 3.90 gear for transaxle?

    Indeed! Bridgestones installed this spring. Much better!
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    Cold weather Cold Bridgestones

    I too have the Bridgestones. Better than the originals - but certainly "sporty" at 55 degrees.....
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    Squeaky Bridgestones

    Correct.. THe original Goodyears were quiet (and exciting in a not good way!)
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    Squeaky Bridgestones

    Recently installed (Forum recommended) Bridgestone tires. Love them for all the reasons everyone loves them! When I back out of my mancave (on the porcelain floors) the new tires (especially the fronts) squeak. Everything else seems fine. Ford (SVT) dealer did the install.. Thoughts?
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    ? on charging port

    I was thinking the same thing (but you already knew that..)
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    Has anyone had this happen?

    My favorite is at the gas station being told my FGT was pretty good, for a kit car...
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    Has anyone had this happen?

    Was driving down the interstate this weekend. Sunday afternoon, good weather. Middle lane – flowing with traffic. A Mercedes SUV passes me from right lane – pulls in front of me, and slams on the brakes. Needless to say a FGT will stop faster than a SUV, but it was startling – and shook...