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    Wtb- unique/rare ford gt items

    Here is a desk lamp I found on Amazon that you might want to check out
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    Under the hood dress up

    If you want a set anytime soon you need to contact Stephanie at Project 321 and get your order in sooner than later. Call and ask for Stephanie Stephanie Holland Operations Coordinator Project321 877.584.7321 Ext.700 p 866.274.5661 f
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    Under the hood dress up

    How close are we to reaching the minimum number of orders for a run.
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    A Texas Mile meltdown....

    looks like he also forgot to activate the fire system
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    Are racing gas dirtier than normal 91 octane pump gas?

    I want to know where you can get VP 15 min from your house is ?
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    I can 2nd the Don't put them in the Dishwasher warning. Learned the hard way this AM
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    Another WTB FGT Newbie

    I agree, wish I had space for 2 GT's
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    Project 321 - Group Buy

    Call Stephanie at 877-584-7321 and she can help you with the sills and any other 321 products.
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    WTB - Ford SVT Lightning F150 truck

    I agree with the idea of getting a 03/04, I had a problem with the spark plugs blowing out as well as transmission issues. Good luck with your search
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    Project 321 - Group Buy

    I placed my order for caps and coil covers
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    Another WTB FGT Newbie

    Look on eBay, there are several cars with miles and in colors you desire, and lucky for you no Yellow cars for sale.
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    Under the hood dress up

    I am in for caps & coil covers, I will call Stephanie in the AM
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    SoCal Service

    Kendell at CoolTech gets my vote
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    Tracking Ebay GT sales

    You pay half price and get nothing, that is not a good value
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    New owner!!!!

    Congrats, drive it and enjoy it
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    Finally! An owner at last.

    Congrats on the new addition, go out and enjoy
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    GT Wipers with better visibility and looks

    Count me in for a set, PM sent
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    Ford GT High Polish Billet Racing Style SHIFTER KNOB - Group Buy

    I'm in. Pinstripe painted black. I do need the thicker sleeve, please send me an invoice via paypal. Thanks Steve