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    My son

    So sorry, for your loss, I will keep you and your family in our prayers.
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    Hack attempt

    You can google the IP address # and get the origin of the IP address
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    Hack attempt

    :lol Yes, happened to me 2 x in the last month or so. Just watch next year you will see a new Ford GT copy from China :lol
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    Fasteners for Project 321 coil covers

    Thanks Jay, sent you a PM
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    Fasteners for Project 321 coil covers

    Count me in, I am interested in a set
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    New family member

    Beautiful, well done
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    Just read the article, I think this will be a one (1) and done deal.
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    I saw it last year at The Quail event and it is just wrong. They mucked it up
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    Ford GT at Mecum Auction

    Heritage GT's have been outlawed in CA, you better sell me yours at a 50% discount :)
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    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: 707hp

    Thanks Lance, that was very cool!
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    Battery Tender Jr failures

    I have a Ctek on 2 cars and it seems to work well, looks just like the Ferrari charger :) Bought the Ctek on Amazon
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    For the person that has "everything."

    I would love to see it in rough water, I would hate to be in it at the time, but I would like to see it
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    650 Made it home

    Love it, well done, enjoy
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    Ford is the president of Heacock!

    I like his color choice on the GT
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    Special Ed wins award for Best FGT!

    I loved hearing The Motor on Special Ed's GT at idle, it sounds like an old muscle car with the high lobe cam, very cool, congrats again Ed
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    New Z06

    That is going to be a beast on the track, very cool
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    New GT owner in AZ

    Beware that the Ford Racing headers are not compatible with cats, so if you need to pass an emissions test in AZ to register your car you need to take that into consideration. And yes they are very loud when set up with the rear exit resonators
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    New GT owner in AZ