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    379 pictures from NOLA
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    What a RALLY does to a set of tires.

    Guys, This is what my rear tires look like. The 2013 Shelby GT 500 has 3300 miles. I made a couple of drag passes on them at the end. I drove a total 9 sessions on these. BUT, then I asked Mark to take me for a ride. He asked me how fast and I said please do not make me stain the seats. He went...
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    The G.T. Forum "GANG" makes a showing in NOLA

    Anybody know any of these "THUGS"? LOL
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    NOLA track on TV today

    AMA pro Racing is at NOLA on Speed Channel today at 1 pm central. Great way to get a view of the track!!!! Larry Boatner
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    Only in texas

    Gentlemen, I had to be out this morning seeing customers and while traversing the Houston freeways I spotted a new Boss 302 LS entering the freeway up ahead. Beautiful car, Black with gray stripes. As I pulled along side it I noticed the Boss 302 Logo had been replaced. It looked very...
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    Road Racing 2013 GT 500 this last weekend at Texas World Speedway

    Gentlemen, This weekend I went from Fan to RACER! Trying to explain this is somewhat difficult. Up until now I have driven my cars with some bit of trepidation. Scared, a little bit, always aware that at any time I could be in a serious situation that I caused and couldn't remedy. This...
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    2013 GT500 @ Nardo Ring & Sebring w/ Carroll Shelby

    Sorry if you have seen this already! And a great video of Carroll providing his input on the 2013 GT500 ____________________________________ Moderators Note: I...
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    Help with my GT 500 order!

    Help guys! There are some of you that know a lot more about this than I do. I have a dealer that has a GT 500 on order but he can not give me a definitive, or even about then, time the car will be delivered. I want the car and am ready to give a deposit but do not want to wait 2-3 months to...
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    GT pictures from Florida

    Do not know if the Red./Black is someone we know, but I am pretty sure we know the White one, sans guns!!! LOL Found these pictures on Facebook on the FII Roadster LLC website. Larry
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    80 Degrees in Houston this week!

    Took time to get the yellow cars out of the garage clean them up and take a couple pictures!!! Taking the Cup Car to the Big Bend Open Road Race in 5 weeks and still getting it prepped!
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    Tuesday Funny

    Amish Buggy Drag Racing, Drinking: Youth Charged After Crash Into Police Car I hate the Huff Post, But this just made me smile and I couldn't help it. Larry Boatner
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    Color Change! What you think?

    Well got it back today, I wasn't sure when I told them the color but I really like it on the car. Haven't seen another Yellow with White Stripes before. Yellow has sort of became my signature. Check out the Cobra, will try to get side by side soon.
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    Friday Funny!!!

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    First Car Radio

    I do not know if this is true, but it is still a great story!!!! Radios are so much a part of the driving experience, it seems like cars have always had them. But they didn’t. Here’s the story. SUNDOWN One evening in 1929 two young men named William Lear and Elmer Wavering drove their...
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    Oil Change Notification

    Guys, Did not want to Hi-Jack Redeemed thread but his made me think of something I wanted to work on today. As I get older the old brain is not as sharp as it once was. At this point I have 8 cars/trucks and oil changes have become a mental workout. When I last changed or had changed the oil...
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    Help with Viper!

    Guys, Most of you seem to also like Vipers and have some great knowledge about them. I need a little help. As I was traveling to Austin from Houston this weekend to see my son in college, and as I was getting fuel a guy pulled into the Buckee's in Giddings with a Silver Viper on a trailer. He...
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    New Fun Toy

    2001 Cobra SVT Vert. 22,000 miles and very nice. Will be one of my Daily Drivers. Larry Boatner
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    Yale Golf Tournament

    Guys, Spent last weekend in CT. watching my son play golf, then spent a few days on a New England fall foliage tour and now packing the Cobra for a weekend drive to the Texas Hill Country with 30 - 40 other Houston Cobra Club members. It doesn't get much better than this!!! Here is my favorite...
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    First month of College

    You guys have been there thru Logan going from High School golf and on to College. Thought you would find this interesting. I first posted about Logan and his CTS-V that he earned from me with hard work and putting out the effort to get a college golf schorlarship. He was successfull and earned...
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    U.S. Open Tennis Tournament

    I just had to get this off my chest and since this is the off topic section and you guys have such great insight I thought I would unload here.... I do not play tennis, alot of golf but no tennis, but love the sport for it's shot making and momentum swings. I usually catch the big tournaments...