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  1. Thugboat

    42nd Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals

    Are any other Forum members planning to attend this event? I will be there Wed-Sunday and plan to track the new GT350 at Hallett on Friday. Thugboat Larry Boatner
  2. Thugboat

    Help with Turbo or Supercharger decision.

    Ladies and Gents, After recently running the 2016 GT350 at Big Bend Open Road Race I have the itch to go faster. I do not want to add all the cage etc to the GT350 to run unlimited so thought I would use my FR500. I will need at least 600 Horsepower to reach my goals. I want to use a 4.6...
  3. Thugboat

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2016

    We had another great time this year. Dave Rowan raced and Donnie McClure showed up to lend support. I took the new GT350 and ran in the same class as Dave. 140 avg. I hit 170mph in the car topped out in 5th. 8000 rpm. Have some photos that I will try to post here.
  4. Thugboat

    My new GT350 at COTA

    Had a blast with this car at COTA in Feb. Also got to see some forum members!
  5. Thugboat

    We have any Texas Mile Participants this Year?

    Hello Texas Mile Participants, Sponsors, and Fans, We are focused and determined to be ready for any opportunity during this event to get you the maximum runs and The Texas Mile experience that you enjoy. Thank you so much for all your support and the camaraderie we are seeing between so many...
  6. Thugboat

    Fun picture on Christmas Day in Texas

    Took the Yellow cars out today for a group picture... 65 Degrees in Houston today.
  7. Thugboat

    SuperCar Saturdays

    Ben Beckert and I attended this event in Houston last Saturday. Since Coffee & Cars has shut down to find another venue we thought it sounded interesting. I took the Viper and Ben took the Black GT. I will attach their website but basically it is a car show that is somewhat regulated. The spot...
  8. Thugboat

    Looking for Aircraft Info

    Gentlepeople: Do any of you know anything about this aircraft? I have a friend that is very interested and this sight is a vaulable treasure trove of information. Thanks in Advance Larry Boatner "Thugboat"
  9. Thugboat

    Aeros & Autos Houston Texas Today

    Played today with the GT500 at the Houston 1/2 mile at Ellington AFB. Ran a 149.9 mph. Did everything I could to break into the 150's but the headwind said "NO". Ben Beckert was there and he ran 213 on his Turbo Busa, Best time of the day on a Motorcycle, Saw Mullet, he was in the Lambo...
  10. Thugboat

    Do you know who you are???

    An old Marine Pilot sat down at the Starbucks, still wearing his old USMC flight suit and leather jacket and ordered a cup of coffee. As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him. She turned to the pilot and asked, Are you a real pilot? He replied, 'Well, I've spent my...
  11. Thugboat

    Ford GT at Big Bend Open Road Race

    Was very nice to see Donnie at this years BBORR. Here is a picture as we wait in line to run.
  12. Thugboat

    Detroit News

    Detroit neighborhood stunned.... Police in Detroit last night announced the discovery of an arms cache of 200 semi-automatic rifles with 25,000 rounds of ammunition, 200 pounds of heroin, 5 million in forged US banknotes and 25 trafficked Latino prostitutes -- all in a semi-detached house...
  13. Thugboat

    For the Shelby & Raptor fans
  14. Thugboat

    Raptor Fans Beware - Not sure this is real

    A friend of mine works for a Ford Dealership and he is a car nut. I mentioned today that I might be leaning toward trading in the F250 for a Raptor and he sent me this. I asked if it was real and he said "Well I think so butt . . . it won't have a Boss 302 in it. Most likely a moded version of...
  15. Thugboat

    Go Pro Video of Texas Mongrel at Circuit of The Americas last weekend.

    There is even a small glimpse of his GT in the video. Larry
  16. Thugboat

    Cobra vs RC Car

    Guys, This last weekend several of the Houston Cobra Club went out to Baytown Racepark and played in the Quarter Mile. We were on street tires, 93 octane, thru the mufflers, with Texas Inspection stickers and Liability insurance. We had a blast!!! I turned a best of 11.9 @ 114 mph with a .109...
  17. Thugboat

    Flying Car

    Hope this isn't a repost. Wow is this thing cool. Larry
  18. Thugboat

    Most Incredible Aircraft R/C Video

    For all you aircraft people! Just a smaller scale. WOW Larry
  19. Thugboat

    Boss 302S on track at COTA

    I am hoping to learn some lines from this. Middle lap is a 3:01. Seems slow but I think the driver is just warming up. I will be there in the 2013 GT 500 with MVP in 2 weeks. Larry Boatner
  20. Thugboat

    GREAT Go-Pro Compilation of the Nola Event

    Little bits of several people! And yes the is Dave, Texas Mongrel around the 1:12 mark pinning out!!! Hahaha Larry Boatner