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  1. FourFather

    Ultima CanAm Supercar, 2090 pounds, 672 HP, for sale, Eddie FourFather Hill

    I bought this car in 2007, already assembled, by Brammo, the company that built the first USA Ariel Atoms. It was built specifically for the Run’N’Gun competition, (Autocross, Road race) and as such, is set up for maximum performance. Max power, minimum weight. It is powered by the Brodix...
  2. FourFather

    New Epic Orange 2006 Heritage wheels for sale

    Heritage wheels painted Epic Orange to match the Heritage Edition Epic Orange on the car, are available for sale. The new owner elected not to take them with the Heritage I just sold, so I am offering them separately, $6,500 for the set, exactly as shown in these pictures. Although the Hoosier...
  3. FourFather

    Eddie FourFather Hill's 2019 Ford GT images

    Here it is on delivery day. Happy, happy, Cheers, Eddie
  4. FourFather

    Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

    CAR IS SOLD, PAID IN FULL - THANKS TO ALL FOR ALL THE KIND COMMENTS! Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale 2006 Ford GT Heritage edition with 4,918 miles still on original tires and with approximately 700 horsepower. Because I have been selected to purchase one of the new...
  5. FourFather

    World's first four second quarter mile run happened thirty years ago today

    We were blessed with a run of 4.990 at 288.55 mph on 4/9/1988, the day that seemed to demand it. What a change in the sport since thirty years before, like this picture of my 1958 dragster in the lower right hand of this picture- with Cushman motorscooter front wheels, and a Pontiac v-eight...
  6. FourFather

    World's first four second quarter mile run happened 29 years ago today - I was there

    And this is the car, driver, tuner, and team manager. The short one is the the brains AND the looks of the team- 4.990 and 288.55 mph on 4/9/88, the day that seemed to demand it. Big fun - good memories.
  7. FourFather

    Great Gee with Eddie FourFather Hill and his Ariel Atom

    Great Gee at Hallett, both Clockwise and Counter clockwise, with Eddie FourFather Hill and his 2012 Ariel Atom 3 demonstrator/company car. Last weekend at Hallett, I was blessed with finishing second in the Open Wheel final on Saturday, running Counter clockwise, against a field of 13 single...
  8. FourFather

    Eddie "FourFather" Hill's new 2016 Ariel Atom Turbo on track

    I took advantage of this great December weather by lapping my new Turbo Atom at Eagles Canyon Raceway- Good Gee, and Big Fun! And it is really sweet to be able to go fast but not have to work on the car! :biggrin (Especially for a retired top fuel pilot!) :lol Thanks for looking...
  9. FourFather

    A short video interview with some kind words about my wife Ercie and I, and Ariels Thanks for looking- Eddie FourFather Hill :biggrin
  10. FourFather

    Today's picture of the car that ran the world'd first four-second quarter mile

    27 years ago today. 4.990 elapsed time and 288.55 mph on 4/9/88, the day that seemed to demand it. And I was the first one to see it. Thanks for looking. Eddie FourFather Hill (father of the fours in drag racing)
  11. FourFather

    My brain when I think it's Friday-

    Eddie :facepalm: :lol
  12. FourFather

    Heritage owners might enjoy this article

    This was sent to me by a friend that said "Here is a nice article about your car." Not everything in it is 100%...
  13. FourFather

    WTB standard Ford GT wheels

    Anyone here have a set of cosmetically challenged standard Ford GT wheels that I could buy to paint orange to see how they would look on my Heritage? I already have a new set of tires to either put on these standard wheels if I can find them, or on the BBS wheels currently on the car. Thanks...
  14. FourFather

    FourFather Eddie Hill 25th Annual Run'N'Gun event results Kit Car Magazine Feb 2013

    Kit Car Builder magazine, Feb 2013, pages 52 through 54, covers the 25th annual Run'N'Gun event, held this time at Hallett Motor Raceway just west of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I entered this event with my 2012 Ariel Atom 3 demonstrator/company car, and was blessed with winning four first place...
  15. FourFather

    Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur, Texas Feb 26, Track Day

    A friend of mine is going to have his GT40 replica there, and I have driven it there before, and it hauls! I'm going to be driving and demonstrating my new 2011 Ariel Atom 3, too, and we really enjoy the track and the folks there. Forecast is mid 70's and mostly sunny. Y'all come if you can...
  16. FourFather

    FourFather Eddie Hill's Heritage GT

    I'm going to see if my Photobucket slideshow will work on here-- Click on the pic--:thumbsup Took these in my driveway this morning- Thanks for looking! Eddie:biggrin