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  1. CanadaGT

    Looking for 2006 VIN ...1827

    I have two in Canada #765 45000 miles and #2008 no miles just sits on a hoist looking pretty
  2. CanadaGT

    Are Stock OEM Oil filters still being manufactured?

    BMW part #11 42 7 512 301 HU925/4 been using since car was new 45000 miles now and 770 hp @ wheels Pay 8 dollars cdn each
  3. CanadaGT

    Pulley and idler tensioner shims

    The shim thickness was .155 " 155 thousandths of an inch The washers are of two different types to fit power steering bolts but were the same thickness I have since moved on to 4 litre whipple and full borla headers and muffler 770 rwhp but running out of fuel @ 5500 to 6000 rpm
  4. CanadaGT

    Single blade Accufab - worth the investment?

    I have 4/0 L whipple package with monoblade full borla exhaust headers and muffler 770 RWHP 665 FTLBS on 91 octane fuel torque up from 572 and 565 Have an issue with throtttle sticking off idle tried everything Love the power but sometimes drivability is an issue just off idle. Maybe twin...
  5. CanadaGT

    Oil filter & O-ring Part number

    Oil Filter I use a BMW part # 11 42 7 512 300 This a HU 925/4 filter same as Ford for a fraction of the price. 36000 miles on car and 6 sets rear tires. all Ford racing upgrades headers borla muffler 100 hp upgrade k&n airfilters Looking at adding water methanol injection. If I...
  6. CanadaGT

    Let me know what you are doing for tires. I need to buy a complete set and also something...

    Let me know what you are doing for tires. I need to buy a complete set and also something stickier for the rear on the other rims. Don't want sandro to get ahead of me LOL ( I most definitely have a weight advantage ) I have an appointment Mar 23 I think
  7. CanadaGT

    Cadillac CTS-V thoughts

    Cts v 2009 Factory order with 6 speed manual recaro seats thunder grey in color. Awesome machine was looking a amg 6.3 or m6 Very happy with car gas mileage sucks but who cares. Have a modded 06 gt tungsten no stripes 35000 miles luv it Hard on tires though
  8. CanadaGT

    left head lamp

    Left Headlamp I have a new one in the ford box whats it worth? My phone number is 403-318-4812
  9. CanadaGT

    Talk with the GT folks about the Axle bolts?????

    build date on my car #765 is 03/06. The job was actually pretty simple to repair.I am a Ford Tech but that was years ago.
  10. CanadaGT

    Spreadsheet of production for each color

    Car # 765 /2006 Tungsten no stripes /side markings delete. Car has been wonderful except both axle bolts left side broke off. Simple repair once new parts came in
  11. CanadaGT

    Talk with the GT folks about the Axle bolts?????

    Broken axle bolts Live in Canada and have 5500 miles on my tungsten/ no stripes GT. Came coasting to a red light /light turns green no power nuetral in all gears. Limp the car home by pushing left axle into trans. Took apart and found both axle flange to trans bolts sheared off. Got new parts...