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  1. CanadaGT

    Alcantara Interior

    Ordering my car soon, 68 Heritage Edition, but am not impressed with the alcantara interior. Any ideas on care required or possibly covers made to maintain their new appearance. Just curious as I would have preferred leather interior like previous Heritage models. Thank you
  2. CanadaGT


    Good Question, as I also am curious.
  3. CanadaGT

    How do I find the Bumper Replacement Parts for the 2005 Ford GT?

    That must sound fantastic with those pipes......
  4. CanadaGT

    How do I find the Bumper Replacement Parts for the 2005 Ford GT?

    I have installed the Classic design sweet ass bumper kit, was easy and only had to make a couple modifications to meet my workmanship standards. Awesome looking compared to the other kit that leaves frame rails exposed.
  5. CanadaGT

    Macpherson strut replacement?

    The tires are causing the grief IMO. Changed my shocks/Macpherson struts at 77000 miles. Rides a bit smoother but not much. I replaced with OEM and prices were not that bad. Just my thoughts Bridgestones are the way to go. 345 on back
  6. CanadaGT

    2019 Ford Gt Heritage Edition

    I could just spec out another car and forget about the Heritage model I was told, but damn the Gulf Colors make this car IMO. Since this a hand built car I cannot see the logic of not making customer extremely happy, instead of just happy, Time will tell as I will not drive car much with the...
  7. CanadaGT

    2019 Ford Gt Heritage Edition

    I am totally stoked that I was picked for a 68 Heritage edition, all previous heritage editions had leather interiors. But much to my disappointment the interior is Alcantara. Not sure why, but would costing is a big issue, I am more than willing to pay the extra 30k usd for launch control...
  8. CanadaGT

    Short Shifter

    I have an extra one if you cannot find one. In fact I have all the Ford racing stuff including cat deletes , tanny cooler, seat covers, as I had purchased all for a car that was gonna be my 65th Bday present but alas I am getting a 2019 Heritage, not too stoked about the Alcantara interior though.
  9. CanadaGT

    NFGT plant tour.

    Spirit, I feel your pain, the leather upgrade was $37300 and $400 cad for the Steering wheel, which I am glad to pay, Just wanta car I can drive
  10. CanadaGT

    NFGT plant tour.

    Yes, Spirit, I also talked to no avail again on Friday, stating I will buy my Dream car but will not drive it much, Hinted at a GTR ( Has 2 Black Editions or a new ZR1, had a Z06, for a daily driver. Yes I am putting the pressure on, as my decision must be made soon. Gonna take the Heritage but...
  11. CanadaGT

    NFGT plant tour.

    Cannot wait to travel across Canada to see the plant. Great little teaser. PS ordering soon, just a little glitch on interior of 68 Heritage edition. I would have preferred leather interior like previous Heritage's instead of this Alcantara stuff. Hopefully Ford has some common sense and sees...
  12. CanadaGT

    2019 heritage

    Love the 2019 Heritage except for the Alcantara interior, I am totally pleased, but would someone (me) pass up on my allotment of the 2019 Heritage edition because of interior package?? BTW I hate the microfibre steering wheel. Buying a car but might be a Plan B car. Damn these First World...
  13. CanadaGT

    2019 heritage

    Looks like an alcantara interior, which sucks iMO. I wanted leather, maybe it is an upgrade. Will call on Monday to my concierge.
  14. CanadaGT

    2019 heritage

    I have a picture they sent me May 30th, but have no idea how to upload to here. It was a four picture set of the Gulf colours and piping on seats being two colors. and of course the Roundels in Carbon fibre. The number 9 is on the roundels
  15. CanadaGT

    Tariffs, are coming....who will cancel their order if hypothetical tariffs happen

    I live in Canada, and regardless of tariff's, I cannot wait to order my NFGT. Soon, baby, Soon. Get to order by Sept, I was told. 2019- 68 Heritage Edition. I am gonna be one happy guy...….
  16. CanadaGT

    Ford GTs so far

    Very well put. I can relate totally, BtwoG as to me this is a big purchase.
  17. CanadaGT

    Hood release with dead battery.

    Some one asked this last week or two. Drivers side latch, use key to open and pull to release trunk lid. then take out liner 4 Plastic Clips and it lifts right out. Battery is now in sight
  18. CanadaGT

    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    I am impressed with your mileage, just turned 78,000 on my 06 and loving every minute of it.. Took an elderly gentleman for a spin yesterday and after asking if his heart was strong, I proceeded to do a couple hundred feet burnout and acceleration to 125 mph. Needless to say but he had a grin...