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  1. CanadaGT

    Help! Need car seat anchor to pass Canadain inspection.

    QSS Do not worry, there will many good times ahead for you in this car. I have roughly 90,000 miles seat time in my driver plus the other 3 GT's I have owned. To make you feel better, I received my NFGT Heritage Edition K00123 on May 30 this year, and through no fault of my own, I have not...
  2. CanadaGT

    Door weatherstripping problem.

    You also can try 2 sided 3m tape they use on emblems etc. Can be bought in different widths. Just clean well before reinstalling Dave. you can text me if ya need. I believe I have new weather stripping for doors and windshield, but would have to check.
  3. CanadaGT

    Windshield Breakage

    windshield retails for $2531 cad. So $1900 USD. Not really too bad. No part number yet for clamshell window, which is plastic.
  4. CanadaGT

    Still Can't Get First Gear

    Agree with Soroush. Just hook up vacuum bleeder at trans. 10mm nipple. Makes a big difference in feel and actuation of clutch, Check your clutch master cylinder. My guess is the fluid is Black.
  5. CanadaGT

    Total production volume for the New Ford GT?

    I have from internet 2017- 138 built and 2018 seems fair at 218. and 2019 my K200123 car means 123 built and delivered for a total of 479 cars, which makes sense as I was one of the original 500 allotted. I was given my letter July 27th 2016. Almost 3 years ago. Factory tour was cool, Some...
  6. CanadaGT

    Total production volume for the New Ford GT?

    Just a thought. They produced 138 in 2017, supposedly 250 in 2018 (cannot find a number), and I get my car K200123 May 30th which calculates out to the 511 car built. Am I wrong in my thoughts?
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    Looks like a labor of Love. Beautiful
  8. CanadaGT

    Today’s lesson— your car is wide and why clear film is not an option

    Here is some info from Concierge
  9. CanadaGT

    Is two layers Expel overkill?

    Thank you. I am also looking at changing tires also as I am not a fan of PS2's. Also the comment on rear wheel protection was helpful. Just counting the days now. Is there a part number to the slip lo product?
  10. CanadaGT

    Is two layers Expel overkill?

    Just curious as I am getting my 2019 Heritage soon Does anyone make a protector for the front lower valance. Stillen made one for my GTR and I put them on both cars I had. Nice feeling to scratch them than the carbon fibre front end. Thx My serial number is K00123
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    Belt harnesses for new GT

    Is there a picture of them installed?
  12. CanadaGT

    I never got my email from ford?

    Me neither, Application submitted successfully was last email I got also.
  13. CanadaGT

    Focus RS search

    I had a stealth grey 2016 38,000km on it and traded for 2018 Blue one. Very seldom do I buy same cars back to back (last one was 2012 BE GTR to 2014 Black edition GTR) unless I really enjoy them. Nice little car, a bit stiff on suspension but it is a blast. Upgraded Borla exhaust so far...
  14. CanadaGT

    Notification date for latest application

    Any idea on how many applications this time? Thx
  15. CanadaGT

    K040 Heritage Delivery and Orientation Videos

    That was Great, Learned a few things and just have to wait a 100 days or so till K00123 is at my shack.
  16. CanadaGT

    Ford GTs so far

    Does anybody have any idea how many have been built so far? Curious as mine has been serialized, and due to be delivered late May or early June.
  17. CanadaGT

    Just got the build news!

    Awesome guys, my number is 123, and they are saying an April visit for me.
  18. CanadaGT

    Heritage 2X Delivery Video

    Anyway a person could see picks of interior, I am ordering one but pics from Ford are lacking in detail, Heritage interior is suppose to be special to car, just curious as I have already paid for 1/2 the car..
  19. CanadaGT

    Happy Birthday Propdave !!

    Have a good one Dave, Merry Christmas also. Finally ordered my NFGT. Would love to do lunch in the new year.
  20. CanadaGT

    Alcantara Interior

    FYI No leather steering wheel available on Heritage model. Thx DBK for the insight into care of the material.