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    If you add a pulley and tune, you might get that 0 - 60 time below 1 second..
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    Header Bolt question

    Was looking at engine this evening - and noticed what appears to be a missing header bolt. The larger interior bolt seems to be there, but the "internal" smaller bolt is not. Doesn't look like any exhaust leaks.. How much of a concern is this?
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    I hope this is not a dumb question. I have a Kenne Bell SC snout. In digging around the stuff that came with my FGT – it appears the pulley installed is the small (2.5”) pulley. The paperwork that came with the KB Flash tuner suggests the car is tuned for 91 octane. I’ve been running 93...
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    SC Question

    SC Question As this is my first SC car – I had a general question about how SC work (from a control point of view). Just curiosity.. As the SC is basically a compressor, and is constantly being driven – what is the control mechanism that determines the boost for a given RPM. In other words...
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    New Owner

    Hello everyone. I’m a new FGT owner, thought I’d introduce myself and provide my initial impressions of the FGT and the forum. I’ve spent a fair amount on the forum – and there is a ton of great information; and I really appreciate the energy. I’m on a couple of aviation forums – nowhere...