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    Door lock Question

    Pulled my 05 GT into the man cave, and after shutting down, I saw I left the passenger side window down. I opened the drivers side door (did not sit down) - turned the key on and ran up the passenger window. Took the key out, and left it in the car (secure environment). When I shut the...
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    Troublesome Lincoln Question

    Need some thoughts on how to best proceed. My wife has a 2016 Lincoln MKX. She loves it, but it is soon out of warranty. The problem is that there have been persistent electrical gremlins. This list is long and random. Many many trips to the dealership. Most recently, they were going...
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    Manufacture buy back

    My wife is looking for a Lincoln MKX. She found a great deal on a very low mile 2016 that is a manufacture buy back. She plans to keep the car forever. I know the title is branded accordingly. Also – the defect is supposed to be fixed. Question: Is this stupid? I’m tempted by the low...
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    Tubi Style muffler and Ford Long Tube Headers

    I replaced my Ford (Borla) racing muffler with a Tubi Style muffler, so now my setup is Ford Long Tube Headers, and a Tubi Style muffler. The muffler looks great - and the tips (satin black) also look great! First impressions are quite favorable. Its still loud (not any louder) but the...
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    duPont Registry

    I like the cover of the April 2016 duPont REGISTRY mag.
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    Squeaky Bridgestones

    Recently installed (Forum recommended) Bridgestone tires. Love them for all the reasons everyone loves them! When I back out of my mancave (on the porcelain floors) the new tires (especially the fronts) squeak. Everything else seems fine. Ford (SVT) dealer did the install.. Thoughts?
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    Has anyone had this happen?

    Was driving down the interstate this weekend. Sunday afternoon, good weather. Middle lane – flowing with traffic. A Mercedes SUV passes me from right lane – pulls in front of me, and slams on the brakes. Needless to say a FGT will stop faster than a SUV, but it was startling – and shook...
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    Oil Pressure gauge

    When my engine was at idle, the oil pressure gauge went to 0 (and the check gauge light came on). Before I could do anything - it popped back no normal. A minute or so later - the same thing. Third time - a blip (1500 rpm) brought the gauge back. This does not seem like our classic...
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    Cool picture

    This was taken at the Saturday Cars and Coffee in Minnesota by a friend of my daughter. He's 10.
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    Blueprint restoration

    I have a blueprint that was framed and in storage. I dug it out recently to hang it up, and it was completely faded (you can barely see the lines if you look sideways). It just looks like a tan sheet of paper now. It’s a cool original (A Ferrari 288 GTO engine) – does anyone know of a...
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    Yet another exhaust question

    A different exhaust component question. I have the Ford long tube headers, and the Ford (Borla) racing “muffler”. I realize that this setup removes the cats, and that is one of the reasons this setup is loud. Don’t get me wrong – I totally love this combo.. but in city traffic – again –...
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    Proud Dad

    For my 4th grade daughters end of year project, each of the kids had to “be the teacher”. They had to pick a subject, provide a lesson, ask leading questions, provide handouts, etc. My daughter (of her own mind – not my suggestion) presented “cars and their shifters”. She taught her “class”...
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    New engine for my jet!

    My “project” doing a re-engine on my L39 is almost complete! Its been 17 months. Other than the physical engine mounts, the inlet ducting, exhaust/bypass ducting, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, removal of APU, linkages, instrumentation, computers, weight/balance, FAA....... its really...
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    Cool Christmas Present

    FGT Key ring from my 9 year old daughter.
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    Fog Light Cover Discoloration

    I just noticed that one of the fog light covers (clear plastic) has a discoloration - sort of the same color you would see with a film of oil on water. Picture attached. This is a delivery mile GT.. Any thoughts? Lower left portion of the picture... looks worse in person
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    Man Cave

    After lots of effort - My Man cave is almost done! This is an extension of the lower level - upstairs is a new terrace and garden (for my wife). Poured concrete (ICF actually) walls and ceiling. The first 90% is done! Now for the second 90%..... The wall "art" are SR71 Rudders.
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    Draining Gas

    I want to pull the gas out of one of my GT's. The simplest means would be threading a tube down the gas cap and pulling it out.... Does anyone know if this is possible?
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    First ticket.

    Was driving around one of our lakes today (Calhoun). Was doing about 12 or 13 MPH. Unmarked Minneapolis LEO (usually they are pretty cool) coming at me in other direction. He did a very dramatic 180 (think 70's detective show) and pulled me over. He informed me that in Minnesota we need to...
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    Loud Exhaust

    I have the Ford long tube headers, and the Ford racing "muffler". I LOVE the sound. I also live in a *very* noise sensitive neighborhood. I actually want to try to get along. I can drive in and out of my neighborhood - pretty quiet. However, on startup - at really roars. Really.... In...
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    Flashing - then steady CEL

    Had a real nice early season drive with a couple other local GT guys (thanks Jason and Chris!). Had some spirited moments.. Towards the end of our drive - the CEL started flashing - . Drove slowly and in about 5 minutes went out. On the way home (car was shut down for about 20 minutes) -...