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  1. Beach-GT

    250+ mph TESLA Roadster

    Here is an interesting factoid. I was watching a program that said our seas were 300ft lower 14,000 years ago. That is a .25 inch rise each year for 14,000 years. The dems, etc. have been bitching about all the bad stuff we have been doing to cause global warming and the result is the sea is...
  2. Beach-GT

    Mini lithium ion jump starter

    I just don't see how these things can work reliably. They are a 12 Amp hour battery with a high discharge capacity but look like they can only work jumping a weak and not dead battery. Without the original car battery assisting, there is no way the LIon battery is going to crank an engine...
  3. Beach-GT

    great price on Trans Oil XT75W90QGT

    I paid $28 each at Ford. Have to check rockauto next time. I've had good luck and bad luck with stuff from them.
  4. Beach-GT

    Now that takata is bankrupt

    I may disconnect mine as it is easy to do. Just does not seem right.
  5. Beach-GT

    Now that takata is bankrupt

    It seems Ford is putting air bags in cars and trucks today from another source. They should source a LOT of air bags to replace all of ours. Can't cost that much even if they wholesaled them to us at the dealer. The labor is still on them and the parts can't be that expensive at production...
  6. Beach-GT

    When did you first fall in love with Ford GT40s?

    I was contemplating buying a GT-40 roller just before the GT came out. I had spent 5 years rebuilding a Mustang and was kind of burned out on that much car work. It took a bit of work to get the GT but a different kind, and I'm glad I got it.
  7. Beach-GT

    Time Interval for Changing Fuel Filter

    I had one clog up somewhere between 100.000 and 150,000 miles. Can't remember exactly. Car would not accelerate but started and ran low speed fine.
  8. Beach-GT

    Is Motorcraft still the choice for oil change?

    I think oil gets contaminated with corrosives once it is in an engine and it is wise to change it yearly. It is not like storing it in a clean container.
  9. Beach-GT

    When did you first fall in love with Ford GT40s?

    I think I saw one for the first time at Yates_Stevens Ford in St. Louis about 1966. All I remember is the shape. The color was either blue or green and I think it was a street model for sale. It was plain with no stripes or numbers. Seems the price was about $16,000 and knocked me out...
  10. Beach-GT

    I hope he is way off base...

    If you went to sleep 200 years ago and woke up today imagine what it would be like. So if you go to sleep today and wake up in 50 years it will probably be the same experience.
  11. Beach-GT

    One of only two Canadian GT's and with 700 HP :-)

    Must have been referring to Donald Duck and Goofy.
  12. Beach-GT

    Ford Will Soon Be Making Car Parts Out Of CO2 Pollution

    The foam in some custom van seats in my 86 Econoline disintegrated. Hope this new stuff lasts a while.
  13. Beach-GT

    Why are dealers such a rip off

    I look forward to going to a car dealer like having a knife fight in a ditch. Thus I try to drive everything until it is smoke and flames. I usually get 12 - 16 years out of a car and maintain it myself. I could write a book on the poor dealings I have had with car dealers but wouldn't want...
  14. Beach-GT

    Battery tenders / slow chargers

    The tender is supposed to be charging your car.....not in the bag.
  15. Beach-GT

    Happy Birthday Beach-GT !!

    We were pretty lucky. Only some minor yard damage. House is fine. I fortunately decided to buy some generator gas and needed it for a couple days. We just got power back and the cable. People near us are still running generators. It is not fun. Now that we can see TV, there is some pretty...
  16. Beach-GT

    S. Florida GT's & Irma

    I think Florida is closed right now.
  17. Beach-GT

    Happy Birthday Beach-GT !!

    Thanks............We are all covered up!
  18. Beach-GT

    Fuel Cap and Surround Material/Finish

    Wow....I thought it was plastic!
  19. Beach-GT

    Cracked rear glass

    Sounds like an altitude problem somehow. This epidemic seems to be related to Utah. Down here at sea level I do not think we are having this problem.