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  1. Beach-GT


    For what it's worth...I pulled my super charger off to change the pulley when the car had 1000 miles on it and noticed some discoloration on the intercooler. I didn't think much about it. Then someone introduced the idea of making PCV oil traps from small air compressor oil filters and so I...
  2. Beach-GT

    No sound from my passenger door tweeter

    Yeh! You can use the hole to store gloves or guns an ammo depending on your persuasion.
  3. Beach-GT

    Jaguar Classic to build continuation D-Types

    Have they made them so they keep running. Mine broke about every week.
  4. Beach-GT

    Newly restored Pantera makes its debut...

    I've owned 3 Panteras and this is excellent. I don't miss them now that I have a GT though.
  5. Beach-GT

    Fumoto Valves for engine block coolant drains

    They work fine with oil and no pressure. Not sure about anti-freeze and 20 psi? I looked at one on the shelf and can't see what seals the ball.
  6. Beach-GT

    December 2017 Passenger Airbag Recall Status

    Same story in Florida. I went to the dealer just to see what they knew. Basically nothing. I asked how a part for my car would magically show up at their shop for me when I did not buy the car there. They had no clue. Suggested I contact them when parts start being shipped and they would...
  7. Beach-GT

    Tire slime expiration date

    Age and usefulness of tires must also be related to the profile. I had 50 series tires on my mustang for 30 years. Swapped them because they were getting noticeably hard. Low profile tires may fail with age sooner. The picture indicates fracture at the sidewall and tread interface. I'm sure...
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    Carbon Fiber Wrapped Components

    That's pretty nifty.
  9. Beach-GT

    December 2017 Passenger Airbag Recall Status

    I have no clue how I survived my childhood. Didn't have any safety stuff. Drove my 55 ford Sunliner with the top down and no seatbelts. Just don't run into things.
  10. Beach-GT

    Toe link boot install

    I saw that stuff. Was not sure it was the same.
  11. Beach-GT

    Toe link boot install

    Where does one obtain heptane? Is it similar to unobtainium?
  12. Beach-GT

    Joe Macura & Making A 427 Sideoiler run 7000+

    At first I thought you sad repo.......but I knew you were not in the repo business. Ha!
  13. Beach-GT

    No sound from my passenger door tweeter

    Yes it has a fan. I would take it out and try and find a replacement from Jameco or some of the other electronic parts houses. Very likely a 12 volt DC fan.
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    McLaren 720S for 25 Bitcoins

    Once it gets on TV news it's over. So it's about over.
  15. Beach-GT

    Engine Operating temperature

    I'll second the notion there may be air in the cooling system. It is a pain to get out in my experience. I added a switch to the cooling fan relay so I can turn the fans on if I feel like it before the computer does it for me.
  16. Beach-GT

    Super Secret Squirrel Code

    I'll have to give it another try. Torrie worked on my tune but it was done by a local tuner so there might be something set different somewhere. I don't know about these things. I'm old school..... Gas Air Spark Boom!
  17. Beach-GT

    Super Secret Squirrel Code

    That's the problem then. I have a tune.
  18. Beach-GT

    Super Secret Squirrel Code

    I think that is how I did it, but I will try again. I'm due for all fluid changes. Just spooky when the engine fires at full throttle.
  19. Beach-GT

    Super Secret Squirrel Code

    I have not had any success with this procedure. Engine blasts off.
  20. Beach-GT

    Auto Styles Tampa/Clearwater Area

    Maybe Forte's Garage on 66th street in Clearwater. I only knew Dom Forte 30 years ago when he was working on mustangs. He was a good honest mechanic back then and I just noticed his garage the other day. Someone told me he was still working on cars and I just happened to see his (relatively)...