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  1. jcthorne

    Team Ford GT shirt, size XL

    I have a Team Ford GT blue and orange shirt I purchased here on the Forum a few years back. Its been worn once and laundered. Hung in the closet since. Since they do not come up for sale very often, figured someone would want it. I was obviously asking more than the current market will bear...
  2. jcthorne

    Ford GT gone and new Z06 at home. Thanks Shelby!

    With a bit of a heavy heart, I decided to let my FGT go and move on. Sold the GT to Shelby (Elite Autos) and also bought a Z06 from him. The whole sequence went very smoothly. New Z06 is perfect and quite a car. Thanks Shelby once again for a great transaction. 3 cars now.... Thanks to...
  3. jcthorne

    Tesla Model S P85D?

    Anyone here own one of these? Still looking for a fun daily and this sounds like a fun car with some practicality. Performance stats are pretty impressive.
  4. jcthorne

    No longer think FGT taillights are off the charts expensive

    There is an interesting set of videos on edmonds about body repair costs and toughness of the aluminum body panels on the new F150. One of the interesting items in that vid was the cost of the taillight. $850 for the led taillight. Same as our in that its not serviceable but only replaceable...
  5. jcthorne

    2015 Ford GT Calendar

    Now that all the excitement for the 2017 Ford GT is out of the bag.... Any word on when the 2015 FGT calendar's will be available? My office wall is looking bleak......
  6. jcthorne

    345/35R19 Bridgestone Scuderia

    Just a heads up on a deal and availability on some Bridgestones. I just got off the phone with my local Discount Tire location that does tires for our other vehicles. Figured I would give them a shout before placing an order with Tire Rack. Tires are available direct from Bridgestone...
  7. jcthorne

    Neat new nighttime photo of my GT

    This photo was taken back in Aug with the Dallas skyline at night as a backdrop. Just got the final version from the photographer and thought I would share.
  8. jcthorne

    Jack stands with pucks?

    I bought the lifting pucks that fit the holes on the bottom of the GT. Trouble I have with them is that they are flat and smooth and the jack stands have a Y shape to them and do not engage the puck well at all. It would be far too easy for the puck to slide off the jack stand. Looking for...
  9. jcthorne

    New Ford recall for 2005 and 2006 Ford GT Air Bags

    This just issued today: Only effects vehicles registered in a few southern locations.
  10. jcthorne

    911 as a daily driver?

    I have been thinking about a fun but bit more practical (than the GT) car for a daily driver. I was thinking about a used recent model 911. One with AWD and a manual trans. How are they from a reliability stand point? Anyone here use one for a DD? Just been thinking life is too short to...
  11. jcthorne

    New toy in the garage

    Actually purchased this a couple months ago but waited to post about it here until I got the stripes done to match the GT. Finding graphics shops willing to work on bikes is a challenge and while I'm not bad at mechanical and electrical work, vinyl graphics are not my strong point. Anyway...
  12. jcthorne

    Looking for Ford Blue Oval Entry Mat

    I am trying to locate a Ford Blue Oval logo carpeted mat. Like used at the dealerships entry doors or in the parts department on the floor near the counters. They are sometimes called safety mats or entry mats. Carpet with a rubber backing and the logo printed in the carpet. Anyone know where...
  13. jcthorne

    2006 Ford Service Manuals DVD

    I have ended up purchasing 2 of the 2006 Ford Service Manuals DVDs. This is the yellow label disc version that does not expire and the last version issued for 2006 model year (Oct 2010). Both work fine and are identical so I would like to sell one for what it cost me if possible. $75 shipped...
  14. jcthorne

    Great time at Keels and Wheels this weekend

    Had a great two days at the Keels and Wheels event this weekend. I was positioned next to Al Unser Jr and his Indy car so had an opportunity for some interesting conversation and a quick photo op of him with my GT.
  15. jcthorne

    Need some help. Clamshell latch will not release

    The passenger side clamshell latch will not release. Acts as if the cable is no longer connected to the latch, either detached or cable broken. No odd behavior prior, latches always worked smoothly. Have tried several ways to jiggle, press down etc while pulling release, but its not trying to...
  16. jcthorne

    Suggetions for Houston inspection station for GT

    I could use some suggestions of where to get my GT inspected easily and without hassel in and around the Houston area. I am on the north side but open to suggestions. The car is not bone stock but would not fail a visual.
  17. jcthorne

    Backup camera integrated in auto dimming rear view mirror

    Spent the weekend installing a Christmas gift from my family. Installed this Auto-dimming Mirror with 3.3" Hi-Definition Rear camera Display and this Ultra Slim Zinc Metal Black License Plate Camera...
  18. jcthorne

    WTB Ford Racing Cat Delete pipes, new or used

    If anyone has a set of these in good shape, new or used, I would be interested in them vs buying the same ones with the Borla logo on them now being sold. Thanks,
  19. jcthorne

    Help diagnose check engine light Code P2272

    I got a check engine light last week. Hooked up the X3 and pulled the code P2272. Only code stored. OK, that is driver side downstream O2 sensor stuck lean. Checked for any obvious wiring or hose issues and found none so bought a new Bosch O2 sensor and installed it. Cleared the code and...
  20. jcthorne

    Sooooo, is it to early to ask about Rally VIII?

    Where? When? Can I help?