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  1. jcthorne

    Ford gt items for sale in vegas

    How much are you asking for the card holders and how can I order a couple from you? I will not be able to attend the rally. Thanks.
  2. jcthorne

    Ford GT at Mecum Auction

    Just wondering what kind of rate Hagerty gave you on the GT. I spoke with a Hagerty rep in Dallas last weekend for some time regarding coverage on my GT. Was looking to move coverage from State Farm (ACV policy with $500 ded) to Hagerty (275k agreed value with 0 ded) and the rate was...
  3. jcthorne

    How to remove clutch dust/grit from the transaxle top

    I use one of these engine bay cleaning tools connected to the air compressor and a supply of distilled water. Uses very little water to blast the dirt away. I then switch to an air nozzle and blow the engine bay dry. What few drops remain do not spot or leave deposits as distilled water was...
  4. jcthorne

    750 HP Mustang to one up HellCat?

  5. jcthorne

    Random oil pressure gauge flakeyness?

    You can get the oil pressure sending unit from NAPA or many other local auto parts stores, its a standard BorgWarner sending unit used on a large number of vehicles. No need to wait for an internet order.
  6. jcthorne

    Clamshell spring bumpers

    Perhaps its just the photo for the part on the LMR product page but the attachment on the part shown does not match the 6mm threaded bolt on the bottom of the GT spring, it shows a large plastic screw, about 1/2" diameter that would not fit through the hole in the GT bracket. Your photo shows...
  7. jcthorne

    Total disrespect......

    I really need to practice coming unglued when these kinds of things happen. I hold my tongue far too much. Did get after a woman who helped herself to sit in the car, with her beer in hand and without asking. She was pretty belligerent and the wife of the show promoter....I did not get a...
  8. jcthorne

    value of GT w bad title ?

    While I am no expert like the rest of you..... The fair sales price would likely fall somewhere even or below the sum of the used parts prices less cost of dismantling.
  9. jcthorne

    Total disrespect......

    Kayvan, You have made a lot of very 'interesting' posts here that I and many other envy..... The ones in this thread are just the opposite if these are really your feelings for sharing this wonderful work of automotive art with others. I truly enjoy driving this car, but many of the times at...
  10. jcthorne

    Rear Stillen splash guards

    Mine went on easy as well, just be sure everything is clean before applying the mounting tape. Its the same adhesive holding the Ford oval on the front.
  11. jcthorne

    "Seat Cushion Lowering Kit"

    I would also be interested in the swap. Am in Houston. My seat is in like new condition. PM me if you are interested. I'll pay shipping both ways.
  12. jcthorne

    Door Panel Insert Opinions

    Hate to say it but don't think any of them really add to the look of the interior.
  13. jcthorne

    Raptor experiences

    If the rumors about the 5.8 Trinity engine not being quite dead yet, I think that would make a great option for the Raptor for a year or two.....
  14. jcthorne

    Changing the oil

    The 5W50 motorcraft is THINNER than the 5W40 Rotella in less than 1000 miles. Its down to a 30wt by 2000. This is why many of us will not use the newer Motorcraft. Its only a 5W50 when new in the bottle, not in use. Of course if you don't drive the car, it does not matter much. RedLine...
  15. jcthorne

    Changing the oil

    The bottles with the words 'Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil' are the newer bottles. Same oil in either. They added the word Diesel to the package to get around the EPA mandate to lower quantities of ZDDP in engine oils. The mandate does not apply to oils labeled for use in diesel engines as they...
  16. jcthorne

    Changing the oil

    Check with your Ford dealer if you want Motocraft oil. I use Rotella T6 Synthetic 5W-40 which is readily available from most automotive supply stores and even Amazon. Would suggest a Motorcraft or the identical Mann filter, not the Fram.
  17. jcthorne

    Battery Tender Jr failures

    Odd, My CTEK came with both ring connectors and that same 2 pin connector you show in the photo. Same as the BT units and schumacher units I have. The connectors are all common. I have that same port but mine is up at the base of the passenger windshield, just under the deck lid. Easier for...
  18. jcthorne

    Battery Tender Jr failures

    I concur. I have had several Battery Tender and schumacher battery maintainers die over the years. My 6yr old CTEK just keeps working great. Guess which one is on the GT? As the others die on our bikes etc, they will be replaced with CTEK too. They just work. They need to build a solar...
  19. jcthorne

    Jack stands with pucks?

    I bought the lifting pucks that fit the holes on the bottom of the GT. Trouble I have with them is that they are flat and smooth and the jack stands have a Y shape to them and do not engage the puck well at all. It would be far too easy for the puck to slide off the jack stand. Looking for...
  20. jcthorne

    Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: 707hp

    I thought it interesting that Dodge waited until production of the 5.8 SC engine from Ford ended before releasing this. Thus ensuring no 'special edition' from Ford to top the 707 highest hp muscle car claim. Is Ford still sticking with the No EcoBoost V8 statement?