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  1. gtinmyblood

    Approved oil no longer available from Mobile one or Castrol?

    It seems that some months ago there was a change in the formulation of the Mobil One Synthetic that I had previously used for oil changes and it is no longer approved by Ford. What has changed? What oil is good to use in the FGT these days? Anyone have knowledge of this?
  2. gtinmyblood

    Andy Granatelli passes at age 90
  3. gtinmyblood

    My GT debuts on LATimes Tech blog

    My son Nate is a technology reporter for LA Times. Notice the screen saver behind him in the video review.,0,1869239.story
  4. gtinmyblood

    Stock Car for Sale

    Stock Car for sale: Originally bought the car for my son to continue his ASA development. Howe Chassis, 5-wide suspension, quality car professionally built to ASA specs. For someone who wants a good track car for weekend club fun this is a great catch. Asking 20k Car is located in Phoenix...
  5. gtinmyblood

    Mustang Pool Table

    For you guys that are serious about your Ford addictions...
  6. gtinmyblood

    rossignolo-buys-de-tomaso Could be interesting. The history of DeTomaso begins a new chapter.
  7. gtinmyblood

    2010 Cobra jet program.

    My son sent this link to me. I hadn't seen anything out here yet on this but thought you'd all be interested. I want one! watch the video. this bad boy sounds gooooooooood
  8. gtinmyblood

    De Tomaso Pantera Pictures & Conversation

    Many of you have expressed an interest in a thread for posting pictures of Panteras and for sharing information about them. This is a place for GT owners who share a passion for Panteras as well.
  9. gtinmyblood

    In Car Race Camera

    I know that there must be a thread out there somewhere discussing the options for best camera system, mount etc but I was unable to find it so I'd like to know what eveyone is using and what you recommend. Dont want to drill into the car or cause any damage but would like to have a decent camera...
  10. gtinmyblood

    Pininfarina CEO killed in Vespa accident
  11. gtinmyblood

    Ford Racing Pulley kit + a few extras 700 HP

    Just got done having ADS in Chandler AZ install the following: Ford Racing pulley kit Ford Racing headers exhaust system k&n Filters Accufab intake support tube Accufab hose support coils Accufab throttle body SCT Tune with ADS specs Accufab magnetic drain plugs Ford Racing Trans cooler...
  12. gtinmyblood

    Coagulated cluth fluid

    Ok, I need a little wisdom and advice. I ran the track day at firebird west track last week with the rest of the Arizona guys. Had a BLAST! did about a 30 minute session and then another almost 45 minute session running hard. Toward the end of the second session I lost clutch pedal. The travel...
  13. gtinmyblood

    Production numbers by color by year?

    Can anyone point me to factual production numbers by colors by year for the GT's. I just can't seem to locate them anywhere. Maybe I just don't know where to look.