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  1. gtinmyblood

    Tales of Trailex Trailer Tire Troubles, Tribulations and Tears

    It is especially important with Trailers to make sure the tire are not out of date and not out of round.Trailers that sit only to be occasionally used often suffer tire failures. Tires may look good visually but have developed issues.
  2. gtinmyblood

    NFGT running at Sebring

    I love race cars!
  3. gtinmyblood

    RIP Justin Wilson

    I had the pleasure of sitting next to Justin in first class on a flight from Denver to Cleveland a couple of years ago. We had a several hour conversation. Just two guys with common interests chatting. He was a super nice guy who dearly loved his family and racing. He told me of how he came up...
  4. gtinmyblood

    It begins

    Your garage will be like no other place on earth for the week! Awesome!
  5. gtinmyblood

    New Lift

    The mirrors and the stop line are both great ideas!
  6. gtinmyblood

    GTX1 and Arizona football

    My eldest is a UofA grad. He'll appreciate that.
  7. gtinmyblood

    “Jay Leno’s Garage” premieres October 7 on CNBC...

    I'm excited to see Leno doing what he loves again. Personally I think he loves the cars most so this is a beautiful thing. When you get to do what you love it ain't work!
  8. gtinmyblood

    New addition: Porsche 914/6 GT

    Great and fun little car! You'll have a blast with that one!
  9. gtinmyblood

    FGT on Autoline After Hours

    I've heard dings on the '05/'06 several times since the launch of this car. Even Bill Ford made the comment that the previous model was never really designed to race and was "just a street car". He made a comment about that during the Le Man announcement and car unveiling.
  10. gtinmyblood

    The Secret Shakedown: Ford GT Race Car Testing

    Can't wait to see this thing on the race track in competition. God I hope it kicks ass!
  11. gtinmyblood

    Takata airbag recall

    Recall letters finally hit Arizona. I got mine and so did a friend in the mail yesterday 7/27/2015 for drivers side only. Ford to notify us when parts are available.
  12. gtinmyblood

    Ford GT Forum turns 10

    Thank you Dave!
  13. gtinmyblood

    Inside the GT350R-C

    There is so much good stuff coming out right now that I kind of feel like I did as a kid back in the late 60's. Im really excited about the new GT, the new Mustang GT350's. I'm feeling young again. Better get my ass back to the gym!
  14. gtinmyblood

    Daytona or LeMans

    If there is any way that I can work my schedule to "happen to be at Le Man" at the time I will do so. I think one of my 2016 trips to India needs to route through Paris!
  15. gtinmyblood

    New GT in Spain

    Still a very very very sexy car!
  16. gtinmyblood

    Robertson Racing Cars w/ Go Pros

    Love it!
  17. gtinmyblood

    Breakfast in Aspen

    That is not a local Aspen car. Ironically, my wife (who is in Aspen for the summer) sent me a text saying that there was a Heritage in town. I described it for her as I had seen the pic here on GT forum earlier. She was wondering how I could be in Phoenix and know about the car in Aspen...
  18. gtinmyblood

    Resting Your Hand on the Shifter

    This week in Phoenix if you rest your hand on the shifter it will burn your fingers like BBQ'd hotdogs! I think we made 113 so far today.
  19. gtinmyblood

    New GTE Regulations

    Interesting...History has shown us that certain rules have been strategically introduced to restrict new competitors and skew results in favor of the politically connected. Does one think there is some funny play here given Ford's entrance or purely for the good of the sport?