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  1. gtinmyblood

    Saleen Auction

    I think that the only way for a buyer of these goods to make it all work would be to reconnect with Saleen himself and bring it all back together. I don't see it working any other way.
  2. gtinmyblood

    2nd Annual Ford Gt Day at Scottsdale, AZ C&C Nov. 7, 2015

    I too had hoped to make it but other priorities came up and had to take precedence.
  3. gtinmyblood

    A short video interview with some kind words about my wife Ercie and I, and Ariels

    Very cool Eddie!Thanks for sharing the video and the wisdom.
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    Excuse me a moment while I collect myself!
  5. gtinmyblood

    Has anyone seen this GT

    Not to my taste but I still give kudos to the guy for this creativity and automotive art. If he's a car guy then I like him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  6. gtinmyblood

    GT Art Laser Etched on Anodized Aluminum

    His response: Hi Nathan, thanks for your interest in Engineered Art. Yes we can accommodate those changes no problem at all, we can detail up the alternate graphics and if, upon review of the proof copy, you think that anything looks a bit off, we can amend until you are satisfied with the...
  7. gtinmyblood

    GT Art Laser Etched on Anodized Aluminum

    I checked out the website. Very cool! Would look fantastic in the man cave. I requested to know if he could accommodate the heritage graphic rather than straight stripes.
  8. gtinmyblood

    For Sale: 2006 Tungsten All-Option Canadian GT

    Many Canadians come to Phoenix for the winter to escape winter. I house cars in my secure garage (3200 sq ft) and if you need space for storage that can be arranged. You can fly down and drive any time you want during the winter. I'll keep it on a tender and use Griots speed shine or a sponge...
  9. gtinmyblood

    What have we here?

  10. gtinmyblood

    2nd Annual Ford Gt Day at Scottsdale, AZ C&C Nov. 7, 2015

    I am hoping to make it and likely will come with Ed and his Red GT as we did last year.
  11. gtinmyblood

    Budget Mac

    I even like the Halloween costume!
  12. gtinmyblood

    Improved front sway bar bushes

    hell yes!
  13. gtinmyblood

    Cold weather Cold Bridgestones

    I guess its about time for the annual "Please remember to be safe! These cars have zero traction in cold weather!" announcement.
  14. gtinmyblood

    Large format landscape print of cars at Ford WHQ

    what is the viability of the acrylic vs the aluminum as far as resisting scratches and living up to the dust of my garage?
  15. gtinmyblood

    Painted Floors

    really an intriguing idea. I would only be worried about heat lifting from hot tires and damage from dropped tools, oil, brake fluid or other chemical drips etc. I have a professionally installed commercial epoxy on my floors now and even that is subject to such damage. No heat lifting but chips...
  16. gtinmyblood

    RE: Clutch Replacement

    I went with a SPEC clutch. Feels just like stock to me. Installed by ADS in Chandler AZ.
  17. gtinmyblood

    Ford GT Review on Youtube

    cant argue with anything he says.
  18. gtinmyblood

    Le Mans 2016 - June 18th and 19th, 2016

    If there is any way possible for me to pull this off I will be there.
  19. gtinmyblood

    Has anyone had this happen?

    I have had several instances of idiots trying to get a look at the car and endangering my life and others in doing so. I have missed my freeway exit several times because i was boxed in by gawkers and couldn't change lanes to exit. I guess it comes with the turf but it can be annoying.
  20. gtinmyblood

    Raj Nair announces 2017 Ford GT allocation process at FGT Rally 10

    Praying for Manna to fall from heaven!