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  1. gtinmyblood

    Barrett Jackson 2012 Scottsdale

    Looking forward to it!
  2. gtinmyblood

    My cackling baby

    The whole "Fatherhood" experience is the most valuable thing ever to me. I have two sons that make me proud everyday. Cherish every single moment Dave!
  3. gtinmyblood

    Mercedes s550 or BMW 750i?

    I'm with the A8 guys. I've had each and find the Audi to be more solid and require less maintenence. I've also had better experience with Audi dealers related to service and simply found Audi to be a better way to go.
  4. gtinmyblood

    Stolen car returned

    I actually had a similar experience on a sand buggy I bought and put several thousand in upgrades on. Ended up having to buy it all over again from the guy it was stolen from. I had purchased it from a guy who worked for a local towing co. Ended up they had been picking up cars all over town and...
  5. gtinmyblood

    No More Robertson GTs in Le Mans

    This was a gallant effort and I have a HUGE respect for these people. Love to do anything possible to help!
  6. gtinmyblood

    The Ford Family has turned around the Business!!!

    Might be worth investing in to ensure it passes the state inspections! No doubt a better return than most of my other current investments!
  7. gtinmyblood

    New original portfolio book in carton

    I'd like one. How many do you have?
  8. gtinmyblood

    Carlsberg Commercial

  9. gtinmyblood

    Shadowman's "Something Cool to Share"

    Beautiful work!
  10. gtinmyblood

    I loved my GT

    I love my fgt!
  11. gtinmyblood

    "heritage" gone too far????

    That's way cool!
  12. gtinmyblood

    My Very First Mustang!!

    Damn I want one of those! Is it ok if I temporarily live vicariously through you guys?
  13. gtinmyblood

    Another 'What do you do for a living' thread.

    Best advice ever: Save like hell and stay the F+&% out of debt!
  14. gtinmyblood

    dirty gt !!

    Very cool technology for video production!
  15. gtinmyblood

    Today's Wall Street Journal "The Most Beautiful Cars of Le Mans"

    Hooah! I'd love to see that happen!
  16. gtinmyblood

    Today's Wall Street Journal "The Most Beautiful Cars of Le Mans"

    Notice that the author was A.J Baime of Go like Hell fame
  17. gtinmyblood

    Unique Lift Set-up

    what happens if your tire goes flat while up on the lift?
  18. gtinmyblood

    wife's birthday present :-)

    Looks like fun!
  19. gtinmyblood

    Thigs are Tough All Over

    I have found that one had always better be respectful of "older" people. You never know where there people have been and how they may have contributed to your life!