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  1. Thugboat

    Farewell to a dear friend

    So sad to hear of your loss. Dogs give us an unconditional love it is hard to find anywhere else. Lovely pictures of your best friend. Enjoy your memories. Heard just recently that the Pope said all animals go to Heaven also. You will see her again and she will not forget you. Larry Have 2...
  2. Thugboat

    Raptor experiences

    Oh Crap, now certain groups will want to take the SVT Raptors out of our hands because they are MURDER weapons!!! OR maybe, they will be more valuable to the up and coming Rappers so they can be like SURGE!!!! Thugboat (Raptor owner)
  3. Thugboat

    Virginia may be for lovers, but it is not for drivers.

    Gotta love TEXAS!!! With speed limits on some Texas freeways being 80 mph you can take defensive driving on line for a ticlet up to 100 mph and have it dis-missed. Ask me how I know.... Thugboat
  4. Thugboat

    Fun picture on Christmas Day in Texas

    Thanks guys, was a fun family day. Wife drove the Viper, son drove the vette and I drove the Cobra. Was quite the parade thru our neighborhood. Was fun to watch the peoples faces. Andy, just haven't found the right yellow truck yet. Think someone could wrap the Raptor yellow??? And Ben should...
  5. Thugboat

    Fun picture on Christmas Day in Texas

    Ben thats one of the few colors you don't have. Maybe this year???? Merry Christmas
  6. Thugboat

    Fun picture on Christmas Day in Texas

    Took the Yellow cars out today for a group picture... 65 Degrees in Houston today.
  7. Thugboat

    MVP Track Time 2015 Track Dates

    Several of us in Houston are signed up for the COTA event. Third year in a row and really fun. Always looking forward to seeing Big Inch and ByeEnzo. Steve are you in this year? Thugboat
  8. Thugboat

    Sarasota Cafe Racers - The Car Guys Who Lunch 11/5/14

    I think I know that Green Lone Star Cobra, built in Texas by one of the original Dell employess. Didn't know he sold it. If it is the same one it has a complete belly pan assy. sort of like the GT's. GREAT car with a bunch of super great cars. Thugboat
  9. Thugboat

    My girl is official

    GREAT JOB to you both!!!! Larry
  10. Thugboat

    2015 Mustang ordered

    Looking at a Hood and some body kits from Cervinis for a 2005 now. Ha, Small world. My dealer called and my 2015 Anniversary Edition Car is in assembly. Larry With Sinovac, give us some driving impressions once you play with it.
  11. Thugboat

    On the Road to the Rally

    NICE, Hope you had a cool beverage in Luckenbach. Great rodes in that area. Watch for a bunch of Cobras in the area. Houston Cobra Club is spending the weekend out there playing. Larry
  12. Thugboat

    SuperCar Saturdays

    GTED Thats Bens Black GT. He left the GTX1 and Heritage at home in Beaumont. To many cars not enuff time. Was a pretty good turn out. We talked to the organizer and as it grows they promise to be much more selective. Thugboat
  13. Thugboat

    SuperCar Saturdays

    Couple more pics.
  14. Thugboat

    SuperCar Saturdays

    Ben Beckert and I attended this event in Houston last Saturday. Since Coffee & Cars has shut down to find another venue we thought it sounded interesting. I took the Viper and Ben took the Black GT. I will attach their website but basically it is a car show that is somewhat regulated. The spot...
  15. Thugboat

    Car broken just before rally

    jcthorne Was that you at Supercar Saturday last week in Houston???? Larry
  16. Thugboat

    Yikes - supercharger problem 10 hours before Rally Xport

    Oops, see that you have solved the issue, Shelby will have your car like new. My whipple cratered also and with time spent was able to remove small amount of debris on top of the intrcooler. Nothing matches driving the GT with everyone else. Have a BLAST. Larry
  17. Thugboat

    Yikes - supercharger problem 10 hours before Rally Xport

    Take your CGT, enjoy the Rally and definately talk to Ed about your Gen 2 whipple. Guarantee he has some interesting info to share. Larry THUGBOAT
  18. Thugboat

    Ballistic BJ Baldwin Recoil 2

    Saw this earlier and while driving around Houston today in my Raptor and 6 inches of rain contemplated drifting around corners several times. Haha Thugboat
  19. Thugboat

    Changed my wheels what the consensus of this from my old set :)

    I do not have as much problem with the yellow as everyone else, not sure why! LOL
  20. Thugboat

    Question for wine collectors

    Jason, Can't you just stack all the box wines???? haha couldn't help it. Larry