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  1. Thugboat

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2016

    Steve, I ran 150 most of the time this year but keeping it as an average would require the GT350 to stay in 5th a lot of the time. That would keep the rpm's high. The car suspension could do it but not sure I would want to stress the engine that much. BUT, yes the car could do it, it would just...
  2. Thugboat

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2016

    Gentlemen, This is a great time. Some of us have done it for 7 years. I have entered the Cobra, Shelby GT350, Ford GT, Nascar and Cobra multiple times. This is limited to the first 160 entries. It fills up within an hour of opening. It has quite a cult following. Ben Beckert wanted to come play...
  3. Thugboat

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2016

    I will throw mine out there also. Wish Donnie Mac had run with us this year!
  4. Thugboat

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2016

    Doc, I did see some dead animals one being the bird in my grill that zigged when he should have zagged. Soroush - It was better than the fox body but at over 160 the hood did move around alot more than I liked. It was amazing the acceleration from 155 to 170 when you shifted to 5th from 6th...
  5. Thugboat

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2016

    We had another great time this year. Dave Rowan raced and Donnie McClure showed up to lend support. I took the new GT350 and ran in the same class as Dave. 140 avg. I hit 170mph in the car topped out in 5th. 8000 rpm. Have some photos that I will try to post here.
  6. Thugboat

    Big Bend Here We Come

    I am ready also Dave! The convoy out, 550 miles, should be a blast. Dave will be leading in his GT and we will have three GT350's following (a yellow, white and gray) followed up by a Laguna Seca. Ford Lovers dream. We should get a few stares and thumbs up! Thugboat
  7. Thugboat

    My new GT350 at COTA

    Had a blast with this car at COTA in Feb. Also got to see some forum members!
  8. Thugboat

    Has anyone received or seen a GT350 on a dealers lot?

    Gentlemen, I purchased this GT350 w/ Track Package from Cary Ford in North Carolina last Friday. Looked for a few months. Flew in from Houston thru Newark Friday morning to pick it up. Left Houston 6 am. Finalized all the paperwork at 2 pm and started the drive home. My good friend, (Tony...
  9. Thugboat


    Kevin, Everyone is waiting to get their hands on one. I had a line on a GT350 w/track pack yesterday at Baytown Ford for 2K over sticker. Drug my feet and missed it. Lets get together soon. I will be at MSR off and on this weekend. Larry Boatner
  10. Thugboat


    David, YOU ARE AN ARTIST!!!! Thugboat
  11. Thugboat

    We have any Texas Mile Participants this Year?

    Hello Texas Mile Participants, Sponsors, and Fans, We are focused and determined to be ready for any opportunity during this event to get you the maximum runs and The Texas Mile experience that you enjoy. Thank you so much for all your support and the camaraderie we are seeing between so many...
  12. Thugboat

    Ford GT: Development

    Oh my!
  13. Thugboat

    The New Shelby GT350

    GT 350 track day offered by Ford update! Many of us received the track day letter from Ford to drive a GT350 at a designated few tracks around the country. Several of us replied immediately and were told sorry but sold out. One of my buddies that accompanied me to a couple of Rallys was lucky...
  14. Thugboat

    Ford Warranty Issue

    Steve, Go rent a Chevy truck, go back to dealer load up all your crap and continue on vacation. Leave the service manager with a note demanding he get the Ford warranty people involved and you will see him on your way back thru. Also be prepared to rent a trailer and take it home to your...
  15. Thugboat

    2015 GT350 North American Track Tour announced

    My dealer did get my invitation. He told me this because I had sold the car over a year ago. After all, Mark wore the car out at the Rally in NOLA. haha Thugboat
  16. Thugboat

    2015 GT350 North American Track Tour announced

    UNFORTUNATELY already filled every location. Dang it. Thugboat
  17. Thugboat

    Houston area dinner

    "Don't think we should let Tugboat come along, hell, he's gone to the dark side and bought a Vette!" Come on Dave, after I sold you that fine, solid piece of Ford history sitting in your garage? Don't be nasty. I still might bring some Ford product. Would hate to be seen in a vette there...
  18. Thugboat

    First win as a Pro

    Great Job, He is living the dream. When he is ready send him down to Texas and we will put him up and he can play the Adams Tour. Little bigger paychecks and higher entry fee's. Those type scores will earn him more money here. My son's first pro event is in Lufkin Texas in July. He wants to...
  19. Thugboat

    Houston area dinner

    I can drive something Ford if you let us non-owners come. I would love to meet someone who escaped from Bakersfield. Larry Thugboat
  20. Thugboat

    My son

    You and your entire family will be in my prayers. RIP Corey.' Larry Boatner