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  1. Thugboat


    I was there with Dave this weekend, The NFGT was incredible to watch both on the track and off. Being in the garage with Dave and Frank people were constantly around with cameras. I was in the same run group as Dave rotating between a 96 vette, Audi R8 and a Honda powered Miata. Dave lapped me...
  2. Thugboat

    RIP Spirit

    What a great guy. The world will miss him. Prayers to his family. Someone once said if he lives in your heart and memories he will never truly be gone. I will remember him and his zest for fun. Larry
  3. Thugboat

    My New Raptor

    Getting the itch to trade in my 13 Raptor on a new one. BUT, at 70K miles I still love this truck. I have a very hard time thinking a new one would be 40K dollars better after trade in. And I have never before been logical. Old age is getting to me dang it. STOP BEING LOGICAL......
  4. Thugboat

    Houston area dinner

    I would like to make it if the date allows. Thanks Thugboat Larry Boatner
  5. Thugboat

    The Supercar Conundrum and the NGT

    Hi, MY NAME IS LARRY and I am a car addict..... I have had many a conversation with Ben Beckert on finding a miracle drug that could quench the thirst of my addiction. As far as my wife, she never noticed the GT in the garage until I mentioned it. Love that woman. As Carroll Shelby said...
  6. Thugboat

    Happy Birthday Thugboat !!

    Thanks everyone, Can't wait to see your new ride Tomy and David. Here is what I took to the track this weekend. Larry Thugboat
  7. Thugboat

    Rally 11

    Simon, now he is married Amanda helps dress him i think. I will never forget the light up shoes at the reception. Thugboat
  8. Thugboat

    Rally 11

    Ben Beckert - just in case you forget what he looks like! Dr Ben Beckert- Beckert on the forum in case you forget what he looks like.... hahaha
  9. Thugboat

    "Verlander has it All"--including NGT

    Quick Verlander Story, My sister is a professor at Old Dominion University. He was enrolled in her early childhood psychology course when he was drafted and signed his multi year big dollar baseball contract. He showed up for class the next day like no big deal. When she said why wasn't he...
  10. Thugboat

    Garage is finally a workable space

    Holy Cow, Nice!!! But not surprised with your attention to detail. Notice how I said that in a nice way??? Thugboat
  11. Thugboat

    Austin pre rally

    Chris, May do just that. May also come as Ben Beckerts date!! haha Trying to get everything arranged and I will let you know. Dave Rowan and I have been talking also. Thanks so much for the offer. Larry
  12. Thugboat

    Austin pre rally

    Chris, Would love to but didn't get registered before it was full. Larry
  13. Thugboat

    Mellow Yellow wish list upgrades

    John, I will be in Baltimore next Friday would be nice to see it, and hear it. Thugboat Love the color!!!!!
  14. Thugboat

    Rally 11 - COTA

    Dave, Maybe a Rally inside the Rally? Anyway we could have some get togethers with everyone that doesn't make the Suite group? I would just love to see everyone even if I don't make the first cut. Larry Thugboat
  15. Thugboat

    Son playing with Super Mex

    Did Lee shrink or is your son that Tall??? Thugboat
  16. Thugboat

    42nd Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals

    Are any other Forum members planning to attend this event? I will be there Wed-Sunday and plan to track the new GT350 at Hallett on Friday. Thugboat Larry Boatner
  17. Thugboat

    Help with Turbo or Supercharger decision.

    Thanks guys, Exactly the info I am looking for. Keep it coming. I hope to run close to 190 in the straights and average 170+. I have no illusions of winning just finishing. The last couple of years if you finished you were top three. Most of these cars are trying to do 200+ and the naturally...
  18. Thugboat

    Help with Turbo or Supercharger decision.

    Ladies and Gents, After recently running the 2016 GT350 at Big Bend Open Road Race I have the itch to go faster. I do not want to add all the cage etc to the GT350 to run unlimited so thought I would use my FR500. I will need at least 600 Horsepower to reach my goals. I want to use a 4.6...
  19. Thugboat

    The New Shelby GT350

    Buy the GT350 and play with it till the GT350R gets reasonable. Start making memories now and dream later! These are wonderful cars. I drove mine at 170 mph in BBORR on Saturday and my wife took it grocery shopping on Monday. Hard to beat that!!!
  20. Thugboat

    Big Bend Open Road Race 2016

    Well said Donnie and David, well said. Larry