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  1. nz05gt


    My freind and Boss, the Mayor of Taupo is looking at buying a 08-09 750hp supersnake,I have found one at San Diego collection vintage cars on ebay #200382291655 does anyone know these people and are the good to deal with. also If any of the supporting vendors our forum members know of a 750 hp...
  2. nz05gt

    Ricardo trans screen filter

    Has anyone noticed that some Ricardo transaxles don't have the screen filter on the left of the trans sump,I have one trans out of 400089 and 400612 the later has the filter the other does not.any one know why:confused Neil NZ05GT soon to be Mateched:banana
  3. nz05gt

    Whipple Wins 4 hour enduro

    as this section is sponsored by Whipple I thought it to thank them for such a great product. We have just done 2 enduro races a 6 hour race and a 4 hour race. the 6hour we finished 3rd and found major problems with rear top a arms flexing so much that there was 1 inch of toe change between power...
  4. nz05gt


    I am after a right rear lower A-ARM as there are none in stock at FORD :ack would any body have a spare one as we are racing again in 2 weeks. please let me know if you are able to help. I currently have billit recall arms but either arm will do untill new stock is availlable thanks in advance...
  5. nz05gt

    whipple dyno no's

    dyno result from whipple 735rwhp @ 6500rpm @16.5 lb 741rwt @4689rpm@14.3 lb 17lb pully / pump gas /no timming: cheers NZ05GT
  6. nz05gt

    6 hour endurance race

    Well we have just finished 2nd in class 3rd overall in the pukekohe 6 hour race. good result all things considered our ABS failed before the race start so we had a lot of brake lock up and desrtoyed a 2 sets of tyres and had to run the last 3hours on flat spotted tyres.I will post pictures when...
  7. nz05gt

    GT 4 hour race results NZ

    We have just done our second 4 hour race,started 6th and finished 6th out of 39 starters, We got hit from behind on the first lap at about 120 mph did 3 360's on the infeild rejoined in 18th place,engine check light came on only had 9lbs boost , after 1.5 hours back up to 4th came in for fuel...
  8. nz05gt

    HELP engine bay silver

    I'm just about to paint the chassis on the race GT. I saw somwhere on here the proper name or code for the silver paint in the engine bay and interior but I can't find it now. Does anybody know what the code is Thanks Neil
  9. nz05gt

    vin# 1FAFP90S05Y40011

    Was this a test mule or production car ,what colour was it and is there any known history to this chassis # The front fender had JOB 2 scribed on the underside and the vin # :cheers Neil nz05gt
  10. nz05gt

    GT race brakes

    Just posted some photo's of my new A.P. racing brakes I just finished if your interested, brake sizes are on the photo's :cheers Neil
  11. nz05gt

    Stillen Gt Race Pictures

    Thought you might like to see some photo's of Steve Millen in action. , dunlop targa NZ on car no 907 :thumbsup Neil
  12. nz05gt


    I have heard back from riccardo regarding alternate gear ratio's, they say they have no other ratio's and are not going to do any in the future. :frown :thumbsdow Neil
  13. nz05gt


    I am looking into having some different diff ratio's made for the GT transaxle they need to make a run of about 50 sets to make it worth while. I need either 4.10 or 4.30 for racing are any of you interested ,if so let me know what ratio and how many. cheers neil #612 NZ :cheers
  14. nz05gt

    Diff Ratio

    just asked ricardo if there are any other ratios for the gt,they say they do not make any other ratios and are not planing to :thumbsdow neil
  15. nz05gt

    new member

    Hi, we have just purchased GT vin#612 black no stripes. this will be a race only gt for endurance racing only, we will start building after our endurance series ends in june, current car is an 00"R" mustang I have been enjoyed reading this forum it is great and appears so are the members...